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    Saturday Night Card Game (Progressives Devouring Their Own Tail)

    Saturday Night Card Game (Progressives Devouring Their Own Tail)

    This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

    I previously wrote about accusations by Princeton Professor Cornel West that Obama was racist. Against blacks.

    Now West lays into Obama again.  It speaks for itself, and is causing all sorts of liberal angst:

    Joan Walsh, who has played and had the race card played on her, sums it up:

    But there’s a way in which this whole controversy looks like progressives devouring their own tail.

    Indeed. This is what happens when you coddle and encourage false accusations of racism for political and website traffic purposes. When what went around comes back around, you really have no defense. If George Bush hated black people because (insert standard nonsense reason here), why not Obama? It’s absurd, of course, but the natural result of the race card industry.

    But I’m not going to get in the middle of it, defend it, criticize it, or otherwise. I’m just going to sit back and watch the show.

    Pass the popcorn.

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    Agree with Viator that OPM seems like a root cause in what's going around.

    Thanks for the Telegraph link, pithy!

    '…when the Democrats run out of $$$ to buy their votes."

    Print some more, raise the debt ceiling. Why, they are already doing that. They have run out of our money for a while. We have to reconcile to the fact that "we" voted for them to loot us and our children. There are enough of "us" who want to sponge on other people to return them to office.

    The main problems faced by the black community today are education and jobs, which are in fact the problems faced by everyone. The president has claimed to support improving the abominable education prospects of young black men, but actually has sacrificed their interests in favor of the teachers' unions. For example he actually tried to kill the DC scholarship program.
    The President also favors condoning illegal immigration. The illegal immigrants come prepared to work hard and have been crowding young black men out of the entry level jobs they need to learn the discipline and drive necessary to succeed, which most of them fail to learn in school. The low interest rates that this administration has prolonged encourages investors to keep their money abroad, and that along with heavy government borrowing reduces the funding available for new endeavors. Also if an American company keeps money abroad it pays only foreign taxes on its earnings, but it must pay more tax if it brings it home. This encourages them to invest abroad rather than here at home.
    All of these policies keep employment in this country down and hurt young black males the most. So West is right about Obama, though his claim that he is in the pocket of big business is not the reason for that.

    I agree with Cornel West!


    Obama IS the oligarchy's man. Unfortunately most of my right wing friends seem to be in denial that there even IS an oligarchy.


    I don't know if you meant to have an exhaustive list when you said "education and jobs," but I'd include "the broken family" in that list too. And that is, to me, the saddest of the government-imposed problems in the black community. If Detroit or Philadelphia is the example of what the black community can look forward to under Democratic governance, there truly is no hope for that community. No surprise there: point to successful socialism anywhere in the world. It just doesn't exist.

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