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    Reader Poll – Will Kloppenburg Contest The Recount In Court? / Update – Prosser Wins By 7006

    Reader Poll – Will Kloppenburg Contest The Recount In Court? / Update – Prosser Wins By 7006

    As reported yesterday, David Prosser is on track to win the recount over JoAnne Kloppenburg.  It is possible that the Wisconsin GAB will report the final results today, and if it does, I’ll update the post.  As of now, it looks like Prosser will win by a margin of approximately 7000 votes (as compared to 7316 after the canvass).

    All this time, effort and money netted Kloppenburg a few hundred votes, in line with historical experience in statewide recounts.

    Kloppenburg will have 5 business days after the last county completes and reports its recount within which to challenge the results in court, so that likely puts us at the end of next week.

    We know that Team Kloppenburg has made a lot of noise, none of which is justified, about “ballot bag security.”  But surely Team Kloppenburg knows that this is all smoke and no fire.

    But what will she do?  Will she or won’t she?  The poll is open until 10 a.m. Eastern on Monday, May 23.

    If Kloppenburg concedes over the weekend, post a comment or e-mail me.  I’ll be anxiously waiting!

    Update: h/t reader Trochilus – final recount total, Prosser wins by 7006. Steve Eggleston has all the details.

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    @steveegg . . . I posted a comment or two here recently, expressing curiosity about why there do not seem to have been any polls conducted (or at least none published) gauging the attitudes of the Wisconsin public about the dogged and seemingly irrational insistence on the part of JoAnne Kloppenburg to waste the taxpayers money on this losing quest of hers.

    I understand that you live in Wisconsin, and you have certainly followed the details of this as much as anyone . . . have you seen any polls?

    Also, there is a new (and explosive) paragraph that has appeared in the 7:02 pm updated version of tonight's JS-OnLine story about the Prosser victory (the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) which reads as follows:

    "And if a legal contest goes on long enough, attorneys say it could delay efforts to swear Prosser in for a new term on Aug. 1, leading to a temporary vacancy on the closely divided high court."

    Is this also one of the reasons why you seem to believe she will continue on with this nonsense — the way you put it before was, "Grand Theft Courts?" But do you think she is really doing it to win? Or, to politically upset the apple cart?

    The unions simply cannot allow Prosser to be seated after 1 Aug when the Budget Repair Bill comes to the SC. That is the whole idea for the recount in the first place…delay and stall. But, it was a prelude to the court battle. The secondary goal is to keep the hate alive through the recall elections. Gotta keep the troops properly motivated. Thirdly, getting that 7th seat would just be a bonus.

    @ Trochilus: "But do you think she is really doing it to win? Or, to politically upset the apple cart?"

    Although unasked, I'll answer: neither. She's doing it to delay seating of Prosser and introduce chaos/confusion/uncertainty into the process.

    "In confusion there is profit." Tony Curtis, Blake Edwards' "Operation Petticoat."

    Are the Dems interested in how their usual maneuvers in close elections failed to pull off the win? Perhaps the Republicans can share their tactics to other states.

    Where would K obtain funding for a court battle, even presuming the objective is to delay seating Prosser? The unions apparently are now threatening to withdraw Dem funding nationally, so, at this juncture, why would they want to waste any more time/money on this particular little battle, which has become essentially non-newsworthy except perhaps in WI? The unions have already made whatever point they wanted to make with all the free news coverage they received during the Madison Capitol protests over the budget bill proceedings. Seems likely that they, the DNC, Organizing for America,, et al, will be taking their paid goons elsewhere, leaving K to fend for herself.

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