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    Question of the Day – Antipathy or Blundering?

    Question of the Day – Antipathy or Blundering?

    Charles Krauthammer (h/t @fuzislippers) has a column today about Obama’s Middle East policy, and ends with this question:

    The only remaining question is whether this perverse and ultimately self-defeating policy is born of genuine antipathy toward Israel or of the arrogance of a blundering amateur who refuses to see that he is undermining not just peace but the very possibility of negotiations.

    Is it really all or nothing, or some combination of lack of the emotional connection a majority of Americans feel towards Israel (but not “antipathy”) combined with the arrogance of someone who thinks he can cause the seas to stop rising? 

    That third combination has my vote.

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    I always find myself amused at exclamations of someone or another being "anti-American". When one makes an allegation, they should at least be able to provide a foundation of factual context for said allegation.

    "anti-Americanism" is intellectually shallow and argumentatively lazy. It's meaningless drivel except on a base, emotional level…and even then only applicable to like minded people.

    That said….why in the world should foreign policy be dictated by emotional connections?

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