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    Mike Huckabee Not Running

    Mike Huckabee Not Running

    Back in January I asked, So Tell Me About Mike Huckabee.  The comments were not very favorable.

    I was neutral to favorable on Huckabee.  But it’s not a choice.  He announced tonight that his heart is not in it.

    Now that Huckabee is out, what do you think?

    Updates – My thoughts in random order:

    • Whatever his shortcomings, Huckabee had an ability to connect with voters in a way few other candidates could.  We lost a good potential nominee.
    • This is the best day Mitt Romney has had in a long time.
    • This is the best day Tim Pawlenty has had in an even longer time.
    • There is only one motivational potential candidate left.
    • The MSM will coalesce behind Mitch Daniels, which will make it so much sweeter for them when they tear him down if he gets the nomination.
    • The notion that what we need is the non-Obama will grow; “first do no harm” will be the mantra.

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    So was this an anti-endorsement of Mitch Daniels?

    Palin/Cain. …or, if he would accept it… Palin/West.

    History to be made, once again. First woman president, first Black vice president.

    Solid Conservatives. Solid grassroots support.

    Palin/West is my first choice. But Palin/Cain is an excellent second on my list.

    Now the big, Big, BIG question: will she or won't she?

    viator | May 15, 2011 at 7:29 am

    "You know, she may run away with it. And that’s one of those things everyone needs to be prepared for.”

    Mike Huckabee

    Thank God Huckabee is out. He had no chance and we need to clear the decks of establishment Republican progressives.

    Romney is self-destructing so fast that I doubt anybody he is going to last which is why the Rove money people were looking at Pawlenty but after his performance at the first debate against what the establishment considers "second tier" candidates, that money is now looking at Daniels.

    In my opinion, any of the above are doubtful against Obama because they are all open-borders/amnesty supporters and have no personality.

    BTW, before you get all charged up about Mitch Daniels, maybe you ought to read this:

    Talk about reaching out to the Islamists.

    I am glad The Huckster is not running. This man reminds me of a smooth, modern day Elmer Gantry. Now I guess he can play King Maker with his Fox News show.

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