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    Kloppenburg Demands “Ballot Security” (but not in Dane County)

    Kloppenburg Demands “Ballot Security” (but not in Dane County)

    Last night I called on JoAnne Kloppenburg to concede.  I don’t think she listened.

    Kloppenburg’s only chance of winning is to knock out several thousand legitimate votes by challenging “ballot security” based on gaps and openings in ballot bags.

    But I also noted that this was just a game.  The actual recount numbers, particularly in the city of Brookfield, showed that any supposed “ballot security” flaws did not affect the vote count.  There was no ballot bag stuffing or other tampering with ballots.

    And now there is proof of Kloppenburg’s craven gamesmanship, because Kloppenburg has ignored almost identical ballot bag issues in Dane County, which unlike Waukesha County, went heavily in her favor.

    In Madison, notes Steve Eggleston, there were similar gaps and openings, but neither Kloppenburg nor Prosser objected:

    Dane County’s minutes of the recount provide a rather interesting read. There were several torn ballot bags in the city of Madison, several instances of ballot bag seal numbers missing from the inspectors’ reports, ballots from two reporting units in two different municipalities that were initially missing from the recount room (both stacks of which favored Prosser in what were communities that were overwhelmingly carried by Kloppenburg, and which did not affect the pre-recount net margins once added), and an instance where an absentee ballot not cast at the municipal clerk’s office lacked a witness signature yet was counted both at the polls on election day and by the recount canvass board. I don’t need to tell you that there were no objections from the Kloppenburg campaign over any of this.

    Stop now, JoAnne, while you still have some small measure of dignity.

    You are on the verge of becoming a verb.

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    And what could possibly be preventing the RNC from hiring a permanent team of 5 or so election law experts who do nothing but act as a recount SWAT team.

    Luke has nailed it. We learned, during the brutal contest over vote-counting for Al Franken's election, that the Democrats had imported THEIR crack vote-sniping team from the 2004 Washington gubernatorial election.

    If the Republicans haven't got, or don't get, such a team primed and ready to go, their brains couldn't prime the carburetor of a pissant's motor scooter. Because this savage after-election contest (no thanks to Al Gore) is now a permanent feature of American politics.

    It's too late, Professor. She no longer has any dignity left.

    After all this messing around I hope that Wisconsin doesn't get the Klop.

    Nosmo, if Wisconsin does get "the Klop", they can always use a good dose of Prossercillin. cheers

    I warned that the Democrats would finish their votes early in Madison and Milwaukee so they could dodge challenges while filing a mess of their own else where.

    The Democratic Senators fled the State to avoid a vote. They the flooded the caitol building to try to intimidate the legislators. Since then we've seen threats against businesses and harassing calls against citizens who signed recall petitions.

    Why would anyone think Kloppy wasn't going to go to the wall trying to steal thisl election? Where is the prior decency and restraint?

    If ey can control the courts they can greatly diminish the chances of the Republicans from enacting their laws. Perhaps more importantly — they can greatly influence the redistricting fight.

    Don't underestimate the degree to which they are willing to play hardball.

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