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    I’m the NRA, and I Eat Meat

    I’m the NRA, and I Eat Meat

    Spotted in Ithaca:

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    I think somebody has been listening to Flanders & Swann's "The Reluctant Cannibal":

    "If the Ju-Ju had meant us
    Not to eat people
    He wouldn't have made us of meat!"

    @Braxton Hicks … heh! That thought did cross my mind. But the bottom row (bumper) messaging seems to be exclusively of one mind.

    So I guess I'm now leaning a bit more toward the "back at ya" view, though not entirely.

    Years ago an acquaintance of mine put a "Buy American" bumper sticker on the back of his Volkswagen. Just because. And it was before they really started opening foreign car plants here in the U.S.

    I'm sure it was part of his, "It's all in the look on their face" philosophy. He was goofing.

    What K said,

    "Coexistence: agree with me or you're a contemptible racist (or misogynist, or polluter, or homophobe, or religious bigot, or intolerant jerk who sucks"

    Indeed, welcome to California!

    Trochilus, I'll go you one better. I had a buddy who put a Nader for President sticker….on his Corvair. I thought it was brilliant, but so few people "got" it.

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