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    Hollywood Began Its Campaign To Re-Elect Obama Last Night

    Hollywood Began Its Campaign To Re-Elect Obama Last Night

    Barack Obama’s speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner last night was small and petty.  Watch it below, and compare it to similar appearances by George Bush.

    Bush, who was under attack from the media, academia and the entertainment industry on a scale which makes the “birther” issue look like small potatoes, nonetheless conducted himself with grace and was mostly self-deprecating in his humor:

    By contrast, Obama used his appearance as a chance, in a setting where he would be unchallenged, to take cheap shots at Donald Trump, Fox News and several Republicans in the audience.  The “jokes” were not funny, and Obama came across as unpresidential:

    I’m no fan of Trump, but the conduct of Obama was abysmal. He has proven, once again, that he is temperamentally unfit to be President, he is unable to rise above his ego and his politics.

    But the worst was reserved for Seth Meyers, the lead writer at Saturday Night Live who was the entertainment for the night.

    This is how the entertainment industry will do it. Everything is about race, and anyone who criticizes Obama is racist.

    Considering that Meyers is the lead writer for SNL, one can only imagine the fair and balanced treatment to be seen in SNL’s skits.

    Last night marked the official beginning of Hollywood’s effort to re-elect Obama.

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    So Obama bashes Trump while he is in the room an unable to respond, did the same thing to the Supreme Court at the SOTU, and even invited Paul Ryan to a speech so that he could do he same to him. Clearly, Obama took Teddy Roosevelt's "Bully Pulpit" remark entirely the wrong way! 🙂

    "The "jokes" were not funny, and Obama came across as unpresidential:" Heck, he has always been unpresidential. The Forrest Gump of politics is stunningly incompetent, and those who confuse the personal with the policy are always going to detect "racism" as the basis for the critique.
    Why when a white man was president did they allow the memes of "Bush stole the election" and "Bush lied" to go unscrutinized, while focusing on something so stupid as a birth certificate? Where are the protests against the use of force without congressional approval, keeping Gitmo open, the expansion of Presidential power?
    Nowhere, because he is black. That my friends is true racism.

    Now you know why I left the Democratic Party. Voted for Bush and and never looked back.

    @Matthew Knee

    Great observation. Think of the psychology of it.

    Compare the Mitt Romney post on this blog page with the Correspondents dinner. The presidential race is 2 years away. Imagine how bad this is going to get.

    I see only a sliver of a scenario where a Republican President CAN get elected. Most of them are too unknown to withstand the coming withering birage from virtually every media channel.

    It controls the message, the topic, the scene, and puts everyone on the defensive even through a surreal obfuscation of reality.

    Progressives learned from Dan Rather and the Tea Parties; take the gloves off.

    Consider this: The Republicans remain largely rational. In this regard, Trump actually has it right; go strange, capture the news, and redefine the conversation.

    They had the wrong Disney clip. I think it should be this one:

    He just added to the birther movement: Lion King was filmed on location in Kenya. Bambi was filmed in the U.S. of A., on location. Except Bambi came out before The One was watching, and so it doesn't count.

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