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    High-Speed Failure

    High-Speed Failure

    More in the high-speed rail follies (h/t Charlie Sykes), from the LA. Times:

    California’s much-vaunted high-speed rail project is, to put it bluntly, a train wreck. Intended to demonstrate the state’s commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge transportation systems, and to show that the U.S. can build rail networks as sophisticated as those in Europe and Asia, it is instead a monument to the ways poor planning, mismanagement and political interference can screw up major public works. For anti-government conservatives, it is also a powerful argument for scrapping President Obama’s national rail plans, rescinding federal funding and canceling the project before any more money is wasted on it.

    But the L.A. Times assures us that it all can be salvaged if they just start over.  And it is worth the expense and effort, because Obama has a dream and we can’t let the conservatives win the future:

    Obama’s inspiring vision of a nation crisscrossed by bullet trains, providing cleaner, safer and cheaper competition to airlines and reducing reliance on gas-guzzling automobiles, is in serious jeopardy as a new Republican majority in the House looks to slash his funding plans. In this environment, California is a test case for whether high-speed trains can succeed in the U.S. — and so far, the state is failing the test.

    Well, if Obama’s dream of high-speed rail can’t be salvaged, there’s always his dream of windmills.

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    "I am familiar with the Detroit-Chicago route."

    As am I, since I live about a mile from it.

    Per the Feds, the time saved by spending the millions in new funds isn't 2 hours, or 90 minutes. It will be 30 minutes. Check it out, it's on the DOT website!

    This will put the average time between Detroit and Chicago at 47 mph. The rider's ticket will still need a 100% subsidy from Amtrack's budget.

    As you know, most of the time loss in that line is from slowing down and stopping in every small town en route. Nothing is gonna change that so long as every little town has a Congressman fighting for that train station.

    Let's stop calling it high speed rail. Obama's proposal maxs out at 115 mph. Its much more closer the lower speed than the bullet trains.

    So in other words…

    High speed trains work, except everywhere they are tried?

    Gee, where I have I heard that argument? (COUGH*communism*COUGH)

    Let's instead, invest these billion$ in a Star Trek type transporter system. The NIMBY costs for rail alone are going to be astronomical. Plus, people would actually use a transporter.

    High-speed bullshit. That's what this President is good at. 100 years ago, folks like him called themselves Dr. Mysterio and went to work for the circus, hawking patent medicine that would cure your baldness and impotence, and blowing town before the side effects became apparent. Ever since the FDA they've had to go into politics instead, the last remaining refuge for con-men and bullshit artists.

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