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    Get A Handle On It

    Get A Handle On It

    Euphoria Sunday night has turned into a complete muddle of embarrassingly conflicting accounts.

    As for the release of photos and other proof, did they not think that through beforehand?

    I suggest the adminsitration get a handle on it, now, because it’s getting away.

    Is anyone in charge?

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    sort of runic rhyme | May 4, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Just now realizing people would want pictures?

    Maybe they know the obvious, that a photo finish for Obama's cred v. insider scoops, disbelievers' race to the bottom will only inflame peace-loving Muslims and western conspiracists further. The administration has no choice, though, other than to leak or release pix and other supporting data. Once again, Obama has managed to turn what could have been a boon to the nation,* as well as to his own political campaign,* into a liability all around.

    Sheer incompetence and contempt for the rest of us, though, doesn't adequately explain why we killed the most targeted man on earth without our side having a tight narrative and evidence ready for after the fact, and for public consumption. From some accounts and based on what we can actually eyeball, looks mightily as if the WH is in the grip of internecine warfare over the shadow Presidency.

    (* Finally getting Osama is considered to be an unalloyed good to most, even to the Left that weeps at any thot of extra-judicial killings by Republicans. How, though, can the US and Prez NOT look grossly incompetent and foolish in the end, given all of our satellite imaging, overflights and ground humint and the obscene amounts of money and aid we've given to the Pakis for their cooperation and info, that we didn't know about a large secured Paki compound everybody else apparently knew about? We're either played too easily, or there was some strategic point to leaving bin Laden be for us to gather valuable info from the comings and goings, and even from internal surveillance.

    If the latter, the question would then have to be why off him at this particular time.)

    "This is in Pakistan, in the heat of fast-moving events. It's no great surprise or embarrassment that accounts conflict. The fact is, Osama was killed in Pakistan, and that's something McCain, Romney, Palin and Guiliani all opposed doing."

    They watched it in real time via helmet cams. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for multiple stories.

    Release the helmet cam videos and the still photos.

    OTOH, there are good reasons for allowing disinformation/misinformation to spread at the moment, principally to psych out UBL's former confederates. I'm willing to give POTUS the benefit of the doubt as long as UBL is out of the picture.

    "Is anyone in charge?"

    If you have to ask….

    @Martin Guerre . . .

    "There's no great urgency for photos, and Id just as soon they take their time and discuss it."


    But in the mean time, you'll also take the sleazy opportunity to play Troll-of-the-Day here by unloading an utterly irrelevant and cheap shot at the former Vice President, suggesting that there is somehow a direct analogy between an unfortunate domestic hunting accident, and a complex and carefully planned military operation to take out the world's number one terrorist threat!

    After having okayed Leon Panetta's message of yesterday — that photographic proof would be forthcoming — Obama has now thrown him under the bus!

    Tell us, Martin . . . is that the thanks Panetta gets for having been a key architect of the plan to nail OBL?

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