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    Get A Handle On It

    Get A Handle On It

    Euphoria Sunday night has turned into a complete muddle of embarrassingly conflicting accounts.

    As for the release of photos and other proof, did they not think that through beforehand?

    I suggest the adminsitration get a handle on it, now, because it’s getting away.

    Is anyone in charge?

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    Which do you think should have higher priority – making the right decision or saving face for Leon Panetta. Panetta is a grown man and knows Obama is the boss and calling the shots. Myself, I would rather Obama make the decision he feels is right.

    Portia's Mom is correct except when Teh One is on the golf course. That mean's she has the helm about half the time.

    MG @ 5:31PM. I concur that Leon can take care of himself, but what you say assumes O actually makes a decision, an activity that seems to cause him all sorts of angst.


    I'm glad Obama took the time to think his decision through. It was a decision that could have ended in war with a nuclear power known to consort with terrorists. If Pakistani troops had fired on the helipcopters and the SEALs returned fire, we would have been at war. If Obama had taken the safe route and bombed the compound, he would have risked unending doubt about whether OBL had really been killed.

    That's a decision only a president can make and it is much better to think it through first.

    sort of runic rhyme | May 4, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    That's a decision only a president can make and it is much better to think it through first. (Martin Guerre)

    "A President" or a Progressive President? Waterboarding, recently outed murderous Army squads (not panty meanie Reservists)? Apparently, extra judicial killings aren't at issue when your guy's in charge.

    Clearly, through the distorted progressive illiberal lens, glossing o'er, eliding, obfuscating and excusing Dems in charge is all about party. So, go ahead and celebrate.

    Some of us have a few questions, tho', like why doesn't the Left have questions and in the form of angry papier mache Baracks?

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