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    Big Name Pol Splits With Party On Mandate – 2012 Ads To Follow

    Big Name Pol Splits With Party On Mandate – 2012 Ads To Follow

    No not Newt. The hype about Dems running ads in 2012 with Newt’s criticisms of Paul Ryan is way overblown.

    It’s Ben Nelson, Democrat from Nebraska, who is running for reelection and splitting with his party over the mandate:

    Don’t expect much to be made of Nelson’s comments, because only heretical comments by Republicans are newsworthy and a big deal.

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    "I'm really, really sorry that my crucial Obamacare vote might cost me my Senate seat…."

    If it was soooooo bad, then why didn't he demand it be removed before he voted to pass the damn thing into law?

    @teresainfortworth: On the money. Nelson's just trying to cover his butt.

    You guys do understand that killing the mandate is a one way ticket to single payer, right?

    Don;t get me wrong, I'm cheering you on, but I can't for the life of me figure out why you've suddenly joined the right side.

    No, it's a waystation in repealing the whole monstrous mess. Sorry, Copperhead, we got rid of slavery once, and changing plantation to collective isn't going to get us to change our minds about it.

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