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    Bibi Makes The Case

    Bibi Makes The Case

    Some people are referring to this as a smackdown, but I don’t think so.  Netanyahu made the case which needs to be made, and has been made before (via Uncoverage):

    The key thing is, Netanyahu did not use the word “expect” because that would have caused mass OUTRAGE! and INDIGNATION! and would have required us to JUMP TO OBAMA’S DEFENSE!

    Instead, it was just Netanyahu making Israel’s case in a dignified and persuasive manner.

    Update:  Be sure to check out this video of a young Bibi.

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    I have more and more admiration for PM Ben Netanyahu whenever I hear him, see him. He is a leader. He has fought for his country, has proven his intellectual capabilities, knows history (especially the history of his people), and is unapologetically standing strong for his nation, and his people.

    He was AWESOME!!! Bringing up the refugee issue – that there were a number of Jewish refugees who had to flee Arab lands and were ABSORBED "by small Israel", and then contrast it with the inability of the "vast Arab lands" to do the same to Palestinians was PRICELESS!

    There are no doubt many who have never heard that Jews were thrown out of Arab countries and massacred over the establishment of Israel, and yet the young, tiny country took them in and prospered! These rubes in the WH administration don't know the real history of the Middle East. They know what the leftist/Marxist/dhimmis have told them.

    And, to @Trochilus – I don't agree with you about Hillary. If you listen to her speeches (which have gotten NO coverage by the MSM, who have frozen her out unless she makes a gaffe), she is very anti-Israel, and supports Bill's old policy which roughly resembles Obama's ME speech. She may not have wanted the lines in the speech, but she agrees with it 100%. A good read on the US policy on Israel since 1948 (h/t Mark Levin): Dr. Gold on Israel . It is long, but excellent.

    Thank you, Professor, for all you do.

    an mit grad who has actively fought for his nations survival.


    a product of affirmative action who has never fought for anything.

    it wasn't even close.

    If only we had such a leader. I'd take a true statesman like Mr. Netanyahu over that petulant, whiny, thin-skinned, spiteful, backwards-thinking man-child in the WH any day of any week.

    The good news is that Obama has blown this "peace" process to smithereens before it even started.

    This is good news for Israel, and it ought to be good news for Democrats. Their man is not cut out to play on the world stage, and the sooner this thing is over the sooner they can pretend it never happened.

    Obama has no ability to draft practical plans through which he can accomplish any of his objectives. He certainly has ideas about what he wants to accomplish, however, he has no logical or methodical plan of action to accomplish anything. He’s just wingin’ it and it’s clear because nothing he does dovetails with anything else he does. In addition, he has alienated too many people he will need to successfully accomplish anything. Foreign policy gains are accomplished in concert with key partners. Obama is too arrogant to believe he must sit down and meet with people in order to bring ideas to fruition.

    Obama has thus made it very clear that he is totally incompetent. In the long run, Obama will have accomplished NOTHING.

    In his recent speech with respect to peace in Israel, he has once again followed the exact same (failed) top down approach which is devoid of any type of input or feedback from others, totally disorganized, and based upon his fantasy about how the world should be. His ideas will thus never materialize into any type of lasting form.

    Obama will never amount to anything but a four year waste of everyone’s time and an unbelievable detriment to our nation and our economy.

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