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    Benjamin Nitay

    Benjamin Nitay

    Quite an interesting discussion in 1978 on the U.S. TV show “The Advocate.” He looks familiar, I just can’t place the name.

    (via LE)

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    This is wonderful! I was still in high school when this was happening, 1978. I wish and hope that Israel listens to him. A brilliant, valiant, eloquent man.

    Both then – and now.

    BTW – why was he "Nitay" then and now "Netanyahu"? Just wondering….

    Oh, and it is quite a comment on the collapse of US society that they had a show back then like this; now, we have Entertainment Tonight, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, reality shows…..blech!

    Bibi will do what's best for Israel. I just hope he can hang in there until we have a President who will support him.

    Brennan | May 12, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Wow. That's Faoud Ajami questioning Mr. Nitay.

    Wow… 33 years, and nothing has changed. One likes to believe they are living in unique times, but this clip shows how consistent the world can be. People keep rehashing these same arguments as if they are new and insightful and some how more convincing than they were in the 1970's, before I was even born.

    It is sad that the Israeli Prime Minister is still struggling with these volatile lands. His intelligent and correct logic has fallen on deaf ears for several decades now. I'm beginning to be convinced it's time for them to simply annex the West Bank. It's not like there going to make more enemies, and as this clip shows, current policy is simply treading in dangerous water.

    I admire this man more and more! Thank you for posting it. And re-posting it.

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