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    Advice Muttered

    Advice Muttered

    A denial no politician wants to have to make.  From CBS News:

    I did not send Twitter crotch pic

    Someplace Bill Clinton was heard to mutter, “Well, Weiner’ll just have to win, then.”

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    "I wonder what Weiner's wife thinks of all this?"

    She's thinking, "He's just my beard; I don't deserve all this crap".

    Other MSM coverage:

    NY Times, 05/29 pm post, here 5/30 article. The story — Congressman Weiner alleges his twitter account was hacked. Does not address issue of whether he has reported the incident, nor whether he will. Does not mention fact that the Tweet was addressed specifically to 21 year-old student, but was instead sent out on his public twitter stream. Notes that incident was first reported on Big-Government a site "run by the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart." References claim by "a woman" that she was one who received photo, as first reported in NY Daily News. She now says she never saw the "original" tweet.

    Washington Post 5/30 blogpost in Entertainment section here The story — "Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) says he's the latest congressional victim of a Twitter hacking, reported early Saturday." (Did not single out BigGovermment as "conservative.") Does not address issue of whether he reported the incident, nor whether he will, but quotes spokesman saying, "we will be consulting on what steps to take next." Does not touch on fact that it was addressed specifically to 21 year old, but instead was sent out on his public twitter stream. Quotes her confusing claim that she was "familiar" with the the accounts sent from — those were re-tweets, she later said she never saw the original tweet, but that is not mentioned in this story.

    Wall Street Journal Today prints short AP story laying out the "prank defense," with strong presumption that his account was "hacked."

    NEW YORK — New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (WEE'-nur) has hired a lawyer to investigate what steps to take regarding a lewd photo sent from his hacked Twitter account.

    His spokesman, Dave Arnold, says the Democrat believes it was a prank. But he's retained a lawyer to advise him on what civil or criminal actions should be taken."
    . . . .

    Whoa . . . hold your seats! CNN has now apparently jumped on the reasonable reaction bus! CNN, folks!

    The CNN clip is posted at Big Government, here:

    And here is the teaser portion posted on that Big Government post:

    CNN's John King asks a great question:

    "There's one way the congressman could try to put this to rest, and that would be to call the Capitol Police or call the FBI and say 'come on in, please launch an investigation because I was hacked.' Why hasn't he done that?"

    According to Dana Bash, Rep. Weiner's office did not respond to that question but informed CNN that the congressman instead has hired a lawyer.

    As John King says: "Curious."

    John King??!! Dana Bash??!!

    More from CNN . . . Ed Morrissey at HotAir has posted a devastating CNN video showing Rep. Weiner trotting out what Ed characterizes as the "time to move along" defense to a skeptical gaggle of reporters, and refusing to answer any further questions.

    As any viewer can tell the reporters now sense a balk, given this sudden "downgrade" of his, in which he is now calling the alleged "hacking" of his Twitter and other accounts just "a prank," coupled with the Congressman's reluctance to call for an investigation.

    In short, now even many in the MSM are starting to think this may be a case of an organ "donation" gone wrong.

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