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    “The boldest undertaking any president has undertaken on a single event in modern history” except for …

    “The boldest undertaking any president has undertaken on a single event in modern history” except for …

    I guess it depends on what you mean by “spiking the football”:

    Ever since this statement by Biden, I’ve been thinking, yeah except for …

    Victor Davis Hanson articulates some of these “except fors”:

    an “undertaking” “undertaken” greater than the decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima, to stop North Korea from obliterating the south, to confront the Soviet Union over its missiles in Cuba, to send troops to recover Kuwait, or to conduct the surge in Iraq?

    I’ll add some:

    an “undertaking” “undertaken” greater than the decision to resupply Israel in 1973 despite threats from the Soviet Union, to drop special forces into an Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, to send Doolittle’s Raiders over Tokyo, to launch the Berlin Airlift, or to land troops at Normandy?

    The list could go on and on, but not if you think history started with Barack Obama’s election (except for the bad stuff which started with Bush).

    The self-centered arrogance of this administration is beyond imagination.  And it starts from the top.

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    I'm the Gutsy Call maven. This was my third Gutsy Call video. Biden's comment was the best of all but he didn't use the required talking points words so I only can give him a 7.

    Quit trying to deny the president credit for making a decision that any president would have been chased out of office for not making! It took guts, guts!, to do what anyone else in that situation would have done.

    This is, no doubt, the kind enabling hyperbole Obama has heard from his every endeavor throughout his entire life. What a monster they have all helped to create.

    What's the complaint? He qualified it with the term "modern". Doesn't that mean 2009 AD onward?

    He's just ahead of the curve. In the future, historians will date history not by the birth of Christ, but rather, the inauguration of BHO. The last couple of years are the current sum of the modern era.

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