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    Wisconsin Tonight

    Wisconsin Tonight

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.  I believe the polls close at 8 p.m. Central. 

    I’ll have updates on the results, but probably not until an hour or so after the polls close, since I’ll be at a handgun training class tonight.  My wife and I finally are taking the plunge, and going through the NRA basic handgun safety course.

    Consider this something of an open forum on the Wisconsin race.  Comments will be put through, so keep us up to date as to reports of what is happening in Wisconsin, and any results which come in before 9 p.m. Central.

    Updates:  Prosser/Kloppenburg results

    4% reporting – 49/51
    6% – 50/50
    8% – 50/50
    9% – 51/49
    11% – 51/49 (if this keeps up, Kloppenburg ballots will start showing up in car trunks soon).
    12% – 51/49
    13% – 51/49
    17% – 50/50

    AP reports results by county, curious if readers have an insights based on which counties have reported

    20% – 51/49
    23% – 51/49
    24% – 51/49
    29% – 51/49 (11,586 vote difference)
    32% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 21,000 votes in Dane County, Prosser up just about everywhere else)
    34% – 50/50
    42% – 51/49
    43% – 51/49
    46% – 52/48 (29,445)
    51% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up almost 50,000 votes in Dane County and 21,000 in Milwaukee so far)
    52% – 50/50
    55% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up just over 4000 votes)
    58% – 50/50 (same vote difference)
    61% – 51/49 (Prosser up by 11,406)
    64% – 51/49
    66% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 1400 votes)
    68% – 50/50 (Prosser up 900)(Dane and Milwaukee 75% reporting, Waukesha only 25%)
    69% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 500)
    71% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 5000)
    73% – 50/50 (same)
    76% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 6800)(per Jessica Arp some but not all Madison votes in)

    Fond du Lac County has not reported anything yet.  Good/bad?

    78% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 7183)(Waukesha 60% in)
    81% – 49/51 (Kloppenburg up 17,741)(me thinks Madision just came in)
    82% – 49/51 (18,832)
    84% – 49/51 (35,000)
    85% – 49/51 (23,751)
    88% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 5266)(Fond du Lac all in)
    90% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 1676)

    “@SwingState: Apparently, Dane County had an error that gave Kloppenburg 134K instead of 124K
    Did someone hit the wrong button?”

    92% – 50/50 (Kloppenburg up 1577)(update, Prosser up 591)
    93% – 50/50 (Prosser up 399)
    94% – 50/50 (Prosser up 6510)(Waukesha all in reportedly – not on AP site yet — but not all Dane, 5 left )

    “@WisconsinReport  Notable precincts left: Dane (5), Eau Claire (41), Marathon (32), Mil (13), Ozaukee (8), Racine (10), Sauk (8) Waukesha (68)”

    95% – 50/50 (Prosser up 1790)
    97% – 50/50 (Prosser up 3499)(update, 1183)

    “@WisconsinReport Waukesha is all in : 198 districts reporting, 81,255 (73%) for Prosser, 29,332 (27%) for Klopp.”

    97% (still) – 50/50 (Prosser up 4671)(update 2415)

    “@MacIverWisc Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett just said on TV that in Milw. they have just begun to count the 8,000 absentee ballots…” —- absentee ballots are the wild card here.

    Looks to me like it’s coming down to Milwaukee – that can’t be good, no?

    Not much movement in vote tallies in last half hour. (Now 12:25 a.m. Central)

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    98ZJUSMC: while I am personally a total fan of the M1911 (who's centennial US Army adoption anniversary was a few days ago), first and foremost because since I was a teen it has fit my hand like a glove and second because I was very experienced by then (had started shooting in kindergarten), for me it's far from an automatic recommendation for newbies.

    If they can deal with the small amount of extra complexity (which is not so small in real life, "Everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult.") and desire what it arguably the best and most effective combat handgun ever designed, it's certainly worth serious consideration.

    However, the last time I had to make a recomendation for a newbie it was a DAO Beretta Cougar in .45 ACP although that very possibly wouldn't be my recommendation for the good professor and his wife (production is now in Turkey and concealed carry is almost certainly not a (legal) option (well, I'm not sure about Rhode Island), although his wife might get away with it). Their new Px4 Storm line, if you can deal with their less than ideal 92 ergonomics would be worth consideration (on the inside all but the most compact model is a Cougar), my father has one to compliment his 92 and he's quite happy with it, plus the complementary Cx4 Storm carbine that with good sights could be an ideal home defense weapon.

    If concealed carry is not an issue then there are plenty of bigger "service" guns designed for military officers for whom concealment is not an issue and that are worth consideration. Do not take any advice to use a shotgun as your first line of home defense: they are too early ripped out of your hands by grabbing them outside of your grip and achieving much greater leverage (as I demonstrated to the astonishment of my much younger and stronger nephew) and they're a bit overpowered and loud for use inside the home.

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