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    WikiLeaks Gives Bashar al-Assad A Gift

    WikiLeaks Gives Bashar al-Assad A Gift

    WikiLeaks just released classified U.S. diplomatic cables indicating that since the second term of George Bush and continuing at least into part of the Obama term, the U.S. has provided funding to opposition groups in Syria. 

    As reported by The Washington Post:

    The State Department has secretly financed Syrian political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables.

    The London-based satellite channel, Barada TV, began broadcasting in April 2009 but has ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria as part of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the country’s autocratic leader, Bashar al-Assad. Human rights groups say scores of people have been killed by Assad’s security forces since the demonstrations began March 18; Syria has blamed the violence on “armed gangs.”

    Barada TV is closely affiliated with the Movement for Justice and Development, a London-based network of Syrian exiles. Classified U.S. diplomatic cables show that the State Department has funneled as much as $6 million to the group since 2006 to operate the satellite channel and finance other activities inside Syria. The channel is named after the Barada River, which courses through the heart of Damascus, the Syrian capital.

    The U.S. money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W. Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005. The financial backing has continued under President Obama, even as his administration sought to rebuild relations with Assad. In January, the White House posted an ambassador to Damascus for the first time in six years.

    Why release these cables at this moment, when Bashar al-Assad is trying to suppress protests by blaiming foreign conspirators

    Was it just coincidence that the cables were released as violence mounted in Syria?  Either this was a cynical ploy by WikiLeaks to take advantage of the violence in Syria to generate publicity, or WikiLeaks recklessly disregarded the dangers such a release presents to the protesters.

    The support given to opposition groups in years past may have no connection to the people in the streets, but the WikiLeaks disclosure surely will be used by al-Assad as an excuse for even more brutal repression.

    WikiLeaks has given al-Assad a major gift, and the people of Syria will pay the price.

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    Oh, and you should get back to explaining how the US government supporting dissent against a hostile, terror-sponsoring government, violates US law.

    Or just admit you have nothing but the typical sippy-cup-banging rage of a leftist.

    IMO, Al Jazeera in the US is a much bigger threat to cause serious harm to the US than Barada TV is to Syria.

    "Not only that, her staffers, as well as those of the CIA and the Obama White House, were attending the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner as Al-Jazeera’s guests.

    Read more:

    The entire Obama administration has been taken over by them

    Gee, Robbie, you don't pay attention much, do you?

    First of all, I think the last people charged with "seditious conspiracy" were the Hutaree militia, That wasn't even a year ago.

    And second, I don't want to make you look stupid here (I mean, you're doing fine by yourself), but I believe it was George Bush, back in 2006, who who rescinded Libya's status as a "state sponsor of terrorism."

    So things like "Gaddafi (for example) has pumped millions into various groups here in the US" and "the US government supporting dissent against a hostile, terror-sponsoring government" – do you have any idea what you're talking about?

    As for the Hutaree — I stand corrected, but am left wondering how well that case is going, considering its complete disappearance from the news.

    Oh, and another case we both forgot — that guy charged with "terrorism" for minting coins. Apparently Disney can print "Disney Dollars" all day long, but a guy makes silver trinkets the wrong shape and HE'S trying to bring down the government.

    As for Bush's removal of the terror-sponsor status from Libya — so what? Wasn't talking about Libya when I was talking about a terror-sponsoring state.

    Finally, for your last paragraph — yes, I do know. Gaddafi gave millions to various anti-American groups in the US, like the "Nation of Islam". No one was ever charged with a crime for receiving that money. Nor for receiving money from Chavez, nor for receiving money from the Soviet Union when it was a going concern.

    As for the US supporting dissent against a hostile, terror-sponsoring government, THE SUBJECT OF THE POST IS SYRIA. Syria is a hostile (as in 'sends people to attack US personnel and interests'), terror-supporting government (as in 'pays people to murder non-combatants in order to achieve political ends').

    Hutaree Militia? Looks like the typical leftist mess.


    Here’s the question the MSM needs to ask, but won’t: Was this flamboyant raid primarily driven by political rather than law enforcement motives?

    Was the arrest of the Hutaree militia Attorney General Eric Holder’s effort to manufacture an imminent right-wing extremist threat for political purposes?"

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