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    When Do They Take Over Health Care?

    When Do They Take Over Health Care?

    You think dealing with insurance companies is hard, at least you have choices, for now.

    Once government takes over, you get what you get, just like at the airports now. And fighting with an insurance company may land you in court, but fighting with the government may land you in jail.

    What possibly could go wrong?

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    @JG I'm gonna have to disagree with you about the fireman situation (assuming it's the same case with which I am familiar). In that case, the fire dept from jurisdiction A offered to provide fire services to anyone in the adjacent unincorporated area B that wanted them, provided they pay a yearly fee. Idiot C, who lived in area B, decided against paying for fire protection, and when his house caught fire, the fire dept from A rightly let it burn down. Why shouldn't they? They weren't funded by idiot C's taxes, they weren't responsible for the jurisdiction idiot C lived in, idiot C had voluntarily decided NOT to pay for fire response services…what obligation do you think they had to idiot C?

    Why is ABC acting like this is an isolated incident of Obama-mandated child molestation by government officials? There are literally hundreds of these incidents being reported, uploaded, and discussed. The police state that can touch your child's private parts can (and will) do anything.

    And let's not forget that this is going to be rolled out to malls, public transportation, sporting and concert arenas. Everywhere. Not flying let's you avoid it . . . for now. But it's going to be in every gov't agency, too, including the Post Office and RMV. Think about it.

    Dave, Dave, Dave….

    The guy who elected not to pay the tax for fire protection was clearly short sighted. However, anyone with common sense and having the ability to employ discretion, would have said to themselves that there was no parity between a $75 tax bill and the tragedy the man suffered by losing his entire home and all his possessions.

    The right thing would have been to put out the fire and then collect the taxes afterwards. I’m sure at that point the agency could have easily collected the entire tax amount plus a penalty that the man would have been very glad to pay. They could have even had a contract in hand that the man would have enthusiastically executed right on the spot.

    In any circumstance where there are doubts about what is proper, people should always do what’s in the best interests of the most people and to do everything possible to minimize or eliminate suffering. Nearly every religion on the planet puts forth that people should act in the best interests of everyone and that people should develop an inner guidance system that keeps them on track irrespective of the negative influences (temptation) of others. In this case, good people with the ability to put out the fire, failed to act properly because they were negatively influenced by the petty and passive aggressive actions of other very short sighted people. Heck, even if the guy defaulted on the $75, I would have put out the fire and slept at night knowing I did the right thing. I don’t need to have $75 in my pocket before I can figure out that I need to put out a devastating fire that’s right in front of my face!

    If people go through life either literally or figuratively standing by passively as other people suffer, or take part in acts that cause suffering, that is a failure of ethics and it has nothing to do with any type of remuneration. If people cause suffering, or rationalize suffering, or ignore it because their superiors say its ok, those people are merely empty vessels waiting for contents to be placed inside of them by others. This was the case in WWI when after the Holocaust we heard “The German Defense”, I vus chust following orders”. How soon we forget?

    Who determines how you behave? Are you simply a vessel of input placed inside of you by other short sighted people, or do you have an inner compass that tells you what is best, irrespective of what others say or do? The TSA agent and her superiors were wrong because they needlessly causes suffering. The standing down fire department was wrong because they stood by and watched suffering that was not comparable to the cost the remediation that was at their hands.

    @John. Bunk. Balderdash. Pure, unadulterated bovine excrement. You're using the same fuzzy "logic" that the left always uses when it wants to justify confiscating goods, money or services from individuals to give to those that haven't earned the good, service or money. The man didn't pay for a service. There is no reasonable expectation that he receive that service. He must live with the consequences of his decision. I'm sure he did "suffer". Too damn bad. If he didn't want to suffer, he should have paid for fire protection. Using your logic, it would make perfect sense for one to wreck one's car, and then and only then expect to buy insurance to repair or replace it. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. What you and everyone else I've seen arguing that the man should be provided with services he refused to pay for are missing is how magnanimous the fire dept was being in the first place! They noticed that the adjacent area had no fire service, and, even though they were under no legal or ethical obligation to do so, offered to extend their protection to anyone in this are who wanted it. All they asked was that people who wanted that protection pay for it, just as the residents of their town were paying for it with their taxes. What you are advocating is pure theft. You're trying to obscure that and justify it at the same time by playing the world's smallest violin, but boil it down to it's essence, and that's what it is. You want idiot C to receive something he wasn't entitled to, and had expressly refused to pay for, and you expect the citizens of town A to foot the bill. Bollocks.

    Hey, did ya'll see that ball game the other night!

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