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    We Win On The Facts

    We Win On The Facts

    Mockery may be part of the plan, but it’s not going to be enough in 2012.  Not with the mainstream media and entertainment industry on his side.

    Just tell it like it is, straightforward and hard hitting.  He’s driving us over a cliff.  We win on the facts.

    Whaddaya think about this first RNC 2012 ad?

    But if you are going to play the mockery game, no need to spend money on it, just use what’s out there already:

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    I concur about the GOP ad. While I like the general concept, and think that humor is the way to go (and clever use of humor will attract the young'uns), the choice of specific examples was wanting. Also, loose the unicorn/rainbow at the end; it disrupts the entire flow of the commercial. Sarcasm or mockery; choose one or the other in a single ad.

    @ Laurie

    You couldn't be more tedious if you tried.

    Make your point if you must, but I'm not going to bother wading through 800 words of your tripe trying to find it.


    My point–If you want to win on the facts, you must be campaining for Obama. The facts as I read them say he's doing a good job with a bad hand.

    While I have you, though, I really would love to know– specifically–why the right is so eager to replace Obama. What would have characterized a better job given with what he had/has to work with?

    @Laurie — Well, there you go again . . .

    @Laurie. My wife is from Canada. I showed her your post. She shook her head sadly and said "She has no idea what she's talking about". And you don't.

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