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    They Are Going To “Joe The Plumber” Her

    They Are Going To “Joe The Plumber” Her

    Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk who mistakenly forgot to include the City of Brookfield numbers in the initial county reporting already is under pretty intense attack, including claims she is lying because the reporting error was not technically possible, and that she cannot be trusted “because of what we know about her.”

    One supposed former co-worker has come out of the woodwork to trash her “past work, ethics, work habits, and political viewpoint.”  The co-worker referred to her as “secretive,” “exceptionally partisan in what was supposed to be a non-partisan agency,” and “the kind of person it didn’t matter what you said to her … and she would say yeah, we have to stop abortion.” The co-worker sais he was “extremely skeptical of Kathy’s integrity” and that she was “not above fudging the numbers or hitting the wrong button to advance Prosser.”

    It is going to get worse. 

    Considering how police union members, a county Sheriff, and even an Assistant Attorney General have let their political views influence their behavior, do not be surprised if government documents start leaking out regarding Nickolaus.

    They are going to “Joe The Plumber” her.

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    Welcome to Obama's post-partisan America, where if you're a conservative, you can't count on getting a fair shake, even from law enforcement and the courts. What happened to America and can we fix it? Very worrying.

    I feel sorry for Ms. Nickolaus and I think she made an honest mistake. Nevertheless, this seems like a mistake that shouldn't have happened so maybe it's time for someone more capable to consider primarying her.

    Might be redundant in my comments, but. They can JTP Nicholas all they want. And if the more they dig, the more she/we need to reveal what they are doing. It is exactly that behavior which keeps getting the left in to trouble with the public.

    Without the accountability and testimony of Dem vice chair of Waukesha Ramona Kitzinger, they might have the ability to manufacture the conspiracy theory. But now, no. It only makes them look more ridiculous and unreasonable.

    let's see.. the unofficial, preliminary results weren't delivered with complete accuracy and that's indicative of voter fraud?

    There's a reason why preliminary results aren't certified as the official count and should never be used to claim victory.

    My concern is for the Democrat who vouched for the process at the press conference: Check under your car each time before you start the ignition. For a Democrat to say she won't stand there and lie, makes her an enemy of the party and the union toughs who support it.

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