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    These Bumper Stickers Do Run

    These Bumper Stickers Do Run

    That was my initial reaction to this set of bumper stickers spotted by reader Jeff in Longmont, Colorado:

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    sort of runic rhyme | April 26, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Oh, thanks, LukeHandCool!

    Did you see this news item concerning the long arm of government? The regulatory authority involved would appear rife for political abuse and campaign money squeezes, since any CEO might feel tacitly pressured to do what it takes to remain in good partisan standing, despite any non-complicity on his or her part:

    "U.S. Effort to Remove Drug CEO Jolts Firms"

    A government attempt to oust a longtime drug-company chief executive over his company's marketing violations is raising alarms in that industry and beyond about a potential expansion of federal involvement in the business world.

    The Department of Health and Human Services this month notified Howard Solomon of Forest Laboratories Inc. that it intends to exclude him from doing business with the federal government. This, in turn, could prevent Forest from selling its drugs to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. If the government implements its ban, Forest would have to dump Mr. Solomon, now 83 years old, in order to protect its corporate revenue…

    The agency said a chief executive or other leader can be banned even if he or she had no knowledge of a company's criminal actions. Retaining a banned executive can trigger a company's exclusion from government business.

    The "action against the CEO of Forest Labs is a game changer," said Richard Westling, a corporate defense attorney in Nashville who has represented executives in different industries against the government.

    According to Mr. Westling, "It would be a mistake to see this as solely a health-care industry issue. The use of sanctions such as exclusion and debarment to punish individuals where the government is unable to prove a direct legal or regulatory violation could have wide-ranging impact." An exclusion penalty could be more costly than a Justice Department prosecution.

    He said that the Defense Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, for example, have debarment powers similar to the HHS exclusion authority…

    sort of runic rhyme | April 26, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Er, "rife with" or "ripe for" in my above. Sigh.

    @sort of runic rhyme

    I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. It's gangster government.

    "Mr. Solomon became chief executive in 1977 and built Forest from a maker of vitamin tablets into a global company with more than $4 billion in annual sales.

    His son is writer Andrew Solomon, who won a National Book Award in 2001 for his book about struggling with depression. Inspired by his son, Howard Solomon pushed Forest into the antidepressant market and turned Celexa and Lexapro into successes. In the year ending March 2004, the two drugs accounted for about 82% of the company's sales."

    Depression and anxiety run in my family. Lexapro has done wonders for me. As Milton Friedman says in the video I posted up above, no bureaucrat has ever created something of immense value for society. But those "evil, nasty" capitalists sure do, again and again.

    I'd love to ask the owner of that car if his/her iPOD, cellphone, laptop, desktop printer/copier/fax machine, GPS etc., were created and produced by government bureaucrats.

    Want a laptop computer the size of a moonbounce? Want an iPOD that looks like a pull-along suitcase that's capable of holding up to three songs? …. have government design and produce them!

    sort of runic rhyme | April 26, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Well said, LukeHandCool. You always manage to bring a happy or at least passionate and incisive perspective to the discussion here. ;-]

    Awww … sort of runic rhyme, go on … (as in, don't stop yet, keep going).

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