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    The Donald Gets His Twitter Death Wishes

    The Donald Gets His Twitter Death Wishes

    We’ve seen the Twitter Death Wishes for Sarah Palin and Scott Walker, now it’s Donald Trump’s turn:

    For the third time, The Question of the Day, is:

    Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

    (h/t to reader Joseph for the link)
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    "Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?"

    They feel safe in their orbit, which includes prosecutors and other professionals. They uphold each other by upholding their orbit. A gang.

    @ Daniel in Brookline: Yes, good point on words not actions discouraging prosecution. Policing action thresholds at play also. However, words are proto-deeds, all of them, either by their utterer or another. And is wishing a death, in contrast to threatening a death, prosecutable? I do not know, IANAL.

    Also, how many ways are there to "kill" a person? Knocking them out of their orbit is one. A gang member typically regards expulsion from their orbit, the gang, as death. A town that expels a person and sends word to other towns to deny that person food and drink has sentenced that person to death. Driving a person mad is killing them. Taunting a person or an animal reflects a desire to harm them, which means kill them. Anger is murderous.

    Freeze Trump's accounts and properties and deny him media access, investigate him for oooooh how many violations of law(?) and is he "dead"?

    Now, doubtless the twiterer means physical kill and is afraid to do it themselves. But their words, despite their cowardice, impel further effects, indeterminate. There their orbit kicks in, they expect reliably and are unlikely to be disappointed. Also, if stating a wish for a death is not prosecutable (I do not know whether it is or is not), then this discussion is a waste of time, isn't it?

    The germane question here, it seems to me, is the strategic one: how does one sublimate chaos? The answer I get is a picture of a laser beam that publicly concentrates statements of the truth, from any source, on every single lie that emerges from the mouth, hand and eye of the liar-in-chief occupying the White House. Not to raise awareness. That is already high enough, work done. Rather, from distributed networks and elevated positions to shoot concentrated truth at the meta-random chaos nucleus that is crashing about, smashing evolved structures of life: shoot each lie of mouth, hand and eye with the truth. Soon, the chaos nucleus will be forced to halt and deploy in conventional line of battle, which will prove to be narrow and thin. Pinch its line of supply. Chew.

    Man seeks to understand because his nature is truth. He seeks to be aware because his nature is consciousness. He seeks to be happy because his nature is bliss.

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