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    Sound the Trumpet

    Sound the Trumpet

    There’s not much I can add to Mark Levin’s explanation of why Donald Trump does not represent the conservative or Tea Party movements.  He wasn’t there when we needed him, and he helped those who were against us.

    So why the swirling support around Trump?

    Much of it, without doubt, is name recognition.  But that cannot explain it completely.

    As of now, Trump is the only one willing to meet Obama’s smash-mouth attitude with smash-mouth attitude.

    Obama can invite Paul Ryan to sit in the front row for Obama’s budget speech, and then spend 45 minutes calling Ryan everything but a murderer, and Obama gets away with it because we have respect for the Office of the President even if we do not respect the President.

    Obama got a pass on Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, and on just about everything else, as his minions trashed the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, and everyone who criticized Obama as racists.

    The lesson of the recent sound of the Trump-et is not that we need Donald Trump, it’s that we need to distinguish more clearly between the Office of the President and the President.

    And we need someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is about the most arrogant, demeaning and dismissive President of my adult life.

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    BlogMasterScott | April 16, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    It really ticked me off today when, at the Tea Party Rally, a woman in the crowd asked Trump about George Soros.. Trump said, "Forget about Soros.. Leave him alone".

    This one comment gives me serious pause about Trump because I feel that Soros is behind much of the Union and Middle East chaos throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Trump could very well could be a shill for the left for the purpose of causing ultimate embarrassment to the conservative movement and Republican party (while at the same time getting what he's good at; PUBLICITY FOR HIMSELF).. Further, his stealing attention away from the eventual Republican candidate will occur because "Mr. average voter" will see Trump as the "up-front candidate", even if not the official one.

    Ask yourself this.. Why is the media handling Trump with kid gloves? Especially in light of the "racially-charged" birther issue, which historically incites the media attack dogs. Why the silence? Could it be the media is enjoying Trump's tactics as one of their own?

    Could someone prove me wrong? I would gladly accept that I am wrong but I fear that I'm not. I fear we might be getting played like a George Soros puppet.

    "Trump said, "Forget about Soros.. Leave him alone"."

    If Trump did say this, then I have to listen to him closer, and I will be wary of him. I would still vote for him over the fraud in the general.

    but Trump is then someone so far that is hitting hard against the fraud, and I will hold everyone's feet to the fire, does not matter who it is, like a previous poster said, the Tea Party has made me aware of being bound to solid constitutional principles, not a party not a candidate.

    I would recommend anyone who wants the fraud out the WH in 2012 to read this post, yes its a Hillary site, but remember there are many moderate/centerist dems/indies that will vote for a repub to kick out the fraud in 2012.

    whether it be Trump or Palin. Only these 2 fight back, and Trump is punching hard and constantly on every media outlet pretty much every day. I like Trump in what he is doing so far, that no cocktail party repubs seems to be doing, I just hope the ivory tower repubs and the establishment repubs have even a small clue as to what they are facing in 2012.

    Oh, all the great conservative politiicans, talk show hosts (you Mark) and the rest of the field none (except Rush a little, Savage,one or 2 others) had the spine to call Obama out as a Constitutional Fraud.

    But now you have the guts to go after Trump, but not Obama.

    Does the word credability mean anything to you?

    I support Trump's effort to expose the lies behind Obama, however, I do not believe that Trump will decide to run for president. If he can bring more of his politically illiterate friends to vote against Obama, that would be good. Trump is basking in the lime light right now, because he is so needy of attention, but I don't believe he has the consistency of mind, nor his he a serious enough person, to follow through. Just watch in a few months as he comes up with some baloney logic rationale as to why he isn't running. I wouldn’t be surprised of he eventually comes out and says, “Look, I now make millions of dollars, why would I take a pay cut for that job.” People too will eventually come to realize that all of these New Yorkers who aren’t happy, unless they are unhappy, are really tiring after awhile.

    People have been clamoring for someone to openly confront Obama and get in his face – something the wimpy Republicans can’t find the gumption to do. The Republicans all sit around like a bunch of victims and talk about their respect for the office while Obama blatantly uses the Presidency as a shuck’n jive platform. And the Republicans simply cannot find a way to effectively counter him because few of them are effectively confrontational .

    The people want someone to call Obama out and go after him aggressively. Which ever republican does that in the most effective manner may win the election. Romney just keeps flashing his fake smile and he will never win because his face never returns to neutral (sincere). Pawlenty is just too amorphous. Rick Santorum is a good man, but does not seem to have the gravitas needed to effectively do the job. I think Palin can get the job dome. Michelle Bachman can’t seem to strike a balance between her smiling pleasant face and being a serious person of real conviction. This is why Christie rates so high.

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