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    There is no taking it back on the internet (h/t Cubachi):

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    f2000 . . . 12:09 PM: True, she could. But a slew of people became very heavily invested politically in the outcome. She'll at least wait until she is advised that there is literally no chance of prevailing.

    Bringing on the major league recount hirelings would seem to suggest otherwise as well, though I note that both Elias (for Kloppenburg) and Ginsberg (for Prosser) seem to be staying mum so far.

    f2000 . . . 12:26 PM: "Someone would have to report it first." Yes, but one or more members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation, or maybe some other statewide political figure could stir up the issue a bit and perhaps even prompt some questioning of Carney. The Journal Sentinel story did mention the close connection within the law firm to Bauer.


    Your thoughtful and thorough comments, which I always make a point to read, are a fine example of "contributing to the content of the blog." I find there is a lot to learn from most of the commenters on LI.

    @Professor Jacobson

    That song brings back childhood memories of sitting in the Cowsills' garage and watching them rehearse. I had a huge crush on Susie Cowsill. I played with her quite a bit, but she was a very busy girl.

    I'm not a country & western fan, but a little trivia for your readers who are. Also in the mid-1960s, my grandfather and my uncle owned a number of nightclubs in Phoenix, the largest and most famous being JD's. One floor was for country, where Waylon Jennings was the house band playing seven nights a week, and the other for rock, where Ricky Nelson of Ozzie & Harriet fame was the house band. In this article, my uncle, James Musil Jr. is interviewed about Waylon and tells the story of the night a jealous husband showed up at JD's to kill Waylon.

    My uncle produced Waylon's first solo album (Waylon had recorded as a member of Buddy Holly's Crickets) a faux-live album at JD's. My uncle and Waylon partnered to produce Phil & the Frantics, who enjoyed moderate regional success in the southwest, my uncle writing the songs and taking care of the business side, while Waylon played on some of the tracks.  I'll never forget the time my uncle brought them, in their Beatle boots and mod haircuts, circa 1965, when I was about six years old, to my older sister's birthday party as a surprise. My uncle would come out to L.A. all the time and cruise around Sunset signing bands to play in his clubs. He was always making records and worked with a lot of people in the business. He has hundreds of amazing stories from the wild-west days of 1960s music. I call him "Rain Man" because he's very reclusive and carries around a briefcase of pictures of himself with famous acts and other trivia from that era.

    He really is a "Rain Man" type. My mom had been taking care of him for several years before she passed away this last December. A few months before she passed she told me he had been getting calls from some officials in Phoenix that JD's was going to be inducted into Phoenix's hall of fame or something and they wanted him to make a speech at the ceremony, to be followed by a party at Alice Cooper's (my uncle knows him well … he signed him as an act many times). My uncle, who has terrible social phobia, is dreading it, and my mom asked me to accompany him (I have social phobia, too!).

    The day before my mom died, my siblings and I promised her we'd take care of Uncle Jim, her baby brother.  So, I guess I'll be going on a road trip with "Rain Man" to party at Alice Cooper's place. A couple of social phobics … what could go wrong?

    A Supreme Court district race in southern Illinois in 2004 didn't change the balance of the state court, but the GOP pick-up sent a message that downstate was tired of being home to that "Judicial Hellhole" of Madison County, which is in that district. Karmeier now oversees the county.

    LOL, Professor!

    My sister called me tonight to remind me it's my turn to call up Uncle Jim tomorrow (Sunday) and keep him company on the phone for a bit. He is so lonely, especially since my mom died, that he talks for hours (almost all about music back in the days).

    He'll be tickled pink when I tell him what you did. You'll make a sweet old guy who is very depressed have a happy day tomorrow. You're a Mensch, Professor!

    In that article that quotes him about Waylon, it says Bob Dylan was a Waylon Jennings fan. (Imagine being a recording artist and being told Bob Dylan is a fan.) Waylon covered Dylan's "Don't Think Twice" on the JD's album. I looked for it on youtube but it looks like nobody has uploaded it.

    I'll ask my uncle if he has it. I hope I can get him off the phone in less time than it takes to drive from L.A. to Phoenix.

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