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    There is no taking it back on the internet (h/t Cubachi):

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    The county by county results via the report from JSOnline also show some significant numbers, and indicate that the race is all but over with Prosser prevailing.

    Note that there are only a handful of the 72 or so Wisconsin Counties that have not as yet certified their results to the State Government Accountability Board (GAB) after doing canvassing between the 6th, when the AP published the results, and April 8th when this chart was published.

    Of those, there appear to only be four counties whose officials specifically told the paper that they had not certified their results — Brown, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Outagamie.

    And of those four every single one of them except Outagamie County, showed some mostly minor changes in the numbers between the AP numbers reported on the 6th, and the canvassing numbers reported on the 8th.

    Outagamie County may have done canvassing even though they showed no change in the numbers. But in any event, it does not appear to be a Democrat-leaning county, at least as far as this vote would indicate. Prosser got nearly 57% of the vote there.

    I'd suspect that if there was going to be a big swing for Kloppenburg in the vote totals for any one of those remaining counties, Milwaukee would be the most likely.

    But Milwaukee already appears to have done their canvassing, as evidenced by them showing a gain of 99 votes for Prosser versus a gain of 665 votes for Kloppenburg — for a net gain of 566 votes for Kloppenburg between the 6th and the 8th. Any significant additional change at this point, therefore, would be highly suspicious.

    Likewise, the only other sizeable Democrat leaning county on the "uncertified" list — Kenosha County. There Kloppenburg actually ended up with a net loss of 60 votes between the 6th and the 8th. Any large swing there at this point would be extremely suspicious as well.

    The "certification" question for three other counties, Lincoln, Richland, and Sauk, was left blank by the newspaper, but none of those three are capable of showing a large vote swing at this point (low population counties), and two of the three already showed minor vote total changes between the 6th and the 8th, so they were canvassing.

    Increasingly, therefore, it appears that this race is over. Prosser's camp is agreeing to the idea of a recount in Waukesha County because of the questions, but is now publicly discouraging Kloppenburg to eschew a demand for a statewide recount. Kloppenburg's camp seems to be focusing on the "remaining questions" in Waukesha as well.

    One Congress-Critter, however, is actually attempting to demagogue the issue by demanding a federal investigation:

    "Late FridayU.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a federal investigation into the handling of vote records in Waukesha County."

    JDs was between Scottsdale and Tempe when originally built. I think it was on county land. It was never close to Phoenix and Phoenix has a poor history of acknowledging historic property. They are better at knocking it down.
    The Valley of the Sun was not the wild-west during the 1960s. Arizona State University, with the continually winning Sun Devils was about a mile and half from JDs.
    One of the big problems was that when it rained hard, and it did several times in the 60s and early 70s, the roads across the Salt River were wiped out (there were only two bridges), you could not get to JDs until the roads were rebuilt. And a couple of times the basement of JDs was completely flooded.
    I did see Jerry Lee Lewis there as well as Waylon. But Waylon was not a big deal yet, mostly a local favorite. Lewis was a big star. When Jennings got national exposure, he left JDs as a regular.


    Hi Paul,

    I never lived in Phoenix, but when I say Phoenix, I mean the general area, just like I'll say L.A. when I specifically mean Santa Monica, for people who may have never heard of Santa Monica (city between the Pacific and West Los Angeles). I might even use L.A. for Pasadena (although PasadenaPhil might bark about that!)

    When I said "wild-west" I wasn't referring to the Valley of the Sun, I was referring to the raw, early form of the business in those days, when my uncle would speed out to LA in his latest hot rod and cruise Sunset Strip signing bands, before heading off to Vegas and back to Phoenix.

    My uncle hired Arizona State University football players as bouncers for his clubs. They remain loyal to him to this day, especially one nicknamed "Brick" who calls up my uncle occasionally to check on him (my uncle's now incapacitating anxieties and phobias have become progressively worse over his lifetime, to the point where he rarely leaves the house nowadays).

    A story he told me recently was how his mom (my grandmother) chided him for charging Wayne Newton too much for his (I believe he said Jr. ROTC cap?) in high school. Newton was a year or two behind him in school.

    Had an excrutiating two-and-a-half hour phone conversation with my uncle.

    After what seemed to be an eternity explaining to him what a blog was and then describing this particular blog, and after I told him Professor Jacobson posted his song, etc., etc., …. the end of the conversation was like this (as best as I can remember–I developed a throbbing headache):

    Me: Okay, Uncle Jim, I gotta go.

    Jim: Well … tell Professor Jacoby …

    Me: Professor Jacobson.

    Jim: Oh. Tell Professor Jacobson I said "Thank you." That was so nice of him to do that. Wow.

    Me: I will. I gotta go. Keiko (my wife) is calling me. She's getting mad. I have to go downstairs for dinner.

    Jim: Cornell is a great school.

    Me: Yes, it is. I gotta go, Jim. She's really getting mad.

    Jim: But you just called me.

    Me: Jim, we've been talking for almost three hours. I gotta go.

    Jim: Yeah, but now you've got me all excited talking about music and one of my songs being on the internet. I was just sitting here eating a TV dinner by myself when you called.

    Me: Uncle Jim … I'm hanging up now.

    Jim: Jacobson. Is he Jewish? I never came across many conservative Jews. They were almost all liberals.

    Me: Yes, he is. I'll call you in a week or two.

    Jim: Tell Professor Jacobson I said "Thank you." … Are you making all this up? Did somebody really put one of my songs on the internet?

    Me: Jim, it's true. But I'll tell him to take your song off right now if you don't hang up the phone.

    Jim: (laughing) Why are you so uptight all the time? You used to be the sweetest little kid …

    Me: Did I say I'd call you in a week or two? Maybe I'll call you in a couple of months ….

    My nerves were completely frazzled.

    I have a bit of personal trivia about The Turtles, Professor, but I'm done with music trivia for today. (I blame this all on you, Professor.)

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