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    Robert Paul, move!

    Robert Paul, move!


    Apparently one of Ron Paul’s other sons is considering running for the Senate in Texas. While I really have enjoyed Rand Paul’s contributions to our political discourse, Robert Paul should not run in Texas. Since I first looked at the Senate race in Texas, it has become pretty obvious to me that Michael Williams is an incredibly strong and powerful candidate. Robert Paul could do a tremendous good in a state like Arizona or some other part of the sunbelt, but gosh, let’s not pit our best bets against one another!

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    Why anyone would truly back any of the Paul's is beyond me. Just because their rhetoric about financial responsibility rings true for some, does noone else hear their antisemitism or is OK to gain power using the oldest of hatreds? Did you forget the antismeitic barb thrown at Rumsfeld by Paul supporters during CPAC or is that OK? The Pauls need to be marginalized and unless the republicans and the tea party can do that, there is a huge danger of loosing the next election.Shame on those that support any member of this family.

    Yes, after the last few vetos in Arizona I think they need a better governor.

    Jan Brewer is looking almost as conservative as Michael Bloomberg.

    I've often wondered why Ron Paul never ran for Senate in Texas.-Stephen Monteith

    Wonder no more. Rep. Ron Paul ran for the U.S. Senate in 1984. He was crushed by Rep. Phil Gramm.

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