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    Obama Releases “Long Form” Birth Certificate?

    Obama Releases “Long Form” Birth Certificate?

    So much for our media, which has been telling us — contrary to the actual law as I explained previously— that Obama could not obtain original documents of his own birth records. 

    Succumbing to the realization — which I also predicted — that the “Birther” strategy was failing, the White House has purported to release this morning a “long form” birth certificate.  It looks to me like a 1961 version of the short form Certificate of Live Birth.  Here’s the link to the White House page and the document, an image of which is below.

    The story is not over, I’m sure, but this will help Obama, since the document was issued just days after his birth.

    The ease with which the White House obtained the documents demonstrates the rank idiocy of the mainstream media, which has been feeding us a steady stream of excuses as to why Obama could not obtain the document.

    Update:  For some reason people have seized on the words “[i]t looks to me like a 1961 version of the short form” as a reflection of skepticism on my part.  That was not my intent.  I merely wanted to point out that the document doesn’t look all that different than the document previously released, although it does have some additional information.

    My comment at Politico’s Arena:

    The document goes a long way, if not completely, towards quieting the issue. But the ease with which Obama was able to get the document leads one to wonder why he resisted so long. It was only when the Obama campaign saw the issue developing into a strategic nightmare that Obama took the simple and easy step of releasing an original document.

    This also raises issues as to why the media repeatedly has told us that Obama was not able to obtain original documentation when clearly he was able to do so.

    While the Obama campaign certainly will spin this as some sort of victory, it came at a high price to Obama in the polls.

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    "If he is forced to reveal his real history the spell will be broken for his followers – but perhaps more importantly for him."

    Highlander, you "get" it.
    The entire 2008 campaign was predicated on a carefully constructed myth and an appeal to emotion over reason. Obama himself self-identified as a "blank slate" for people to write their own projections/hopes on.

    That's going to be very hard to duplicate in 2012.

    Please, oh please, keep it up, nutcases!


    The core issue is that Obama is

    Clearly, that belief is gaining support, and the WH's own internal poll #'s must validate that erosion of belief in Obama's "likeability" or there would be no need for the PR stunt today.

    A wise commentor on Hotair astutely observed,

    "And going on TV to say this is a non-issue is kinda the opposite of how you treat non-issues.

    Ampersand on April 27, 2011 at 12:58 PM"

    Trump is adroitly turning this into an issue of Obama's character and integrity.

    People who know graphic software better will have to decide, but is it a fake:


    Good lord, conspiracists can never let go of their cherished fantasies. In these comment, we have people who think there is some sort of mysterious meaning to the phrase, "natural born citizen," that has yet to be revealed even though the four possible sources of a definition — the text, federal law enacted by Congress, Supreme Court decisions, and the common law all agree that it includes every person born within the US of whatever parents and lots of other people too.

    We have people who cling to the ludicrous belief that because Britain offered British citizenship to Kenyans and their offspring, Obama must be a British subject.

    We have people who rest their case absurdly on the choice of word order by the State of Hawaii — Certificate of Live Birth somehow cannot mean Birth Certificate.

    We have people already pouring over the minutia of the document and spinning theories to the effect that it is still a fraud.

    And there are people still holding out for an even longer long form document.

    Finally, like The Donald, we have people listing all the other materials Obama should release promptly, like his college grades.

    Do these people not have any clue that they have jumped the shark and gone mad?

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