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    Milwaukee Dem Election Officials Vote For The Muzzle

    Milwaukee Dem Election Officials Vote For The Muzzle

    As we await the one remaining county yet to complete its canvass, comes this heartening news via JSOnline:

    In the wake of the state’s hotly contested Supreme Court race, a sharply divided Milwaukee Election Commission voted along party lines Thursday to prohibit its own members from speaking to reporters or seeking aid from law enforcement agencies on the commission’s behalf.

    Robert Spindell, the lone Republican on the three-member panel, angrily accused majority Democrats of trying to muzzle him, while the two Democratic commissioners insisted they were trying to prevent chaos from individual commissioners “going rogue.”

    Because nothing says “confidence in election results” like a muzzle.

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    What can the Commission do if the Republican speaks out? And why are there two democrat commissioners when the repubs won the last election. One could see having two dems and one repub when the legislature and exec were in democrat hands, but now that all three are in repub hands the Gov should demand the resignation of one of the commissioners or demand the legislature increase the number of commissioners by two and appoint two republicans.

    @showbiz111 I said the "Wisconsin commission" at the end of my last comment . . . when I should have specifically said the Milwaukee Election Commission because they were the group, through their rule adoption proceedings yesterday, tried to silence the lone Republican member of the commission. The Professor had it right in his post, above, and I had described it correctly in my prior comment, above.

    The election came down to the vote tallies yet to be reported to the GAB by Milwaukee County. But now that all counties are counted, Prosser ends up with a 7,316 vote lead.

    Kloppenburg will have to concede.

    Over the course of the entire canvassing period (beginning with their first report to the GAB), it looks like Prosser picked up a net 11 votes statewide as a result of the counting in Milwaukee (up from 7,305, while over the course of only the past few days, Prosser lost a net 7 votes (down from an overall 7,323 vote advantage) which was where he stood on Tuesday.

    In otherwords, the Milwaukee Election Commission likely knew yesterday or the day before what the "final score" was, but for political reasons, held up the report.

    Just a guy | April 15, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I would love to have those clowns try that kind of stunt with me.

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