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    Kloppenburg – Full Statewide Recount (“Kloppenburg’s Folly”)

    Kloppenburg – Full Statewide Recount (“Kloppenburg’s Folly”)

    Local news in Wisconsin is reporting that JoAnne Kloppenburg has filed for a full statewide recount.

    Details to follow.

    Updates: Unfortunately I did not get to watch the news conference live. From what I read, it was a real tinfoil hat moment. I’ll post video as soon as available.

    Here’s a report from Politico:

    Charging that voting “anomalies” were “widespread,” the liberal challenger in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race filed papers Wednesday afternoon requesting a recount in the close election that has her trailing a conservative incumbent by less than 0.5 percent….

    “Today, my campaign is asking the Government Accountability Board to conduct a statewide recount,” Kloppenburg said at a news conference. The announcement was met with applause and cheers of “thank you.” She’s requesting the recount “in part to determine what the proper outcome of the election will be and to ensure that elections form this point forward will be fair.

    “I do not make this decision lightly … I have weighed the options and I have considered the facts,” Kloppenburg, currently an assistant state attorney general, said. The tight margin — small enough to trigger a provision allowing the state to pay for the recount process — means that “the importance of every vote is magnified and doubts about every vote are magnified as well,” she said.

    The reports of widespread anomalies are bogus.  As reported yesterday, in Waukesha county a GAB review found only a handful of anomalies, some of which would be in favor of Prosser.

    Kloppenburg is beclowning herself, and proving how lucky Wisconsin is not to have her as a Supreme Court Justice.  But then again, she’s not paying for it, so what does she care.  More theater.

    Although statistically close to impossible, Republicans need to gear up to protect the election results.  You can donate at the Prosser Recount Fund.

    More Updates:  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board already has weighed in, denouncing Klopenburg’s Folly:

    We understand what motivated Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg to ask for a recount in the election for a seat on the state Supreme Court. It’s tough to lose a close election, especially one you thought had been won, especially one in which a county clerk misplaced an entire community’s votes.

    But we still think Kloppenburg’s request is a mistake. What happened in Waukesha County was a serious error, but it appears to have been just an error, and one that has now been rectified. The recount is costly and will only serve to further exacerbate Wisconsin’s political divisions. It will leave a bad taste; that’s a sad legacy for Kloppenburg. The difference in the balloting is 7,316 votes. Although that’s less than 0.5% of the 1.5 million votes cast, it’s still a big margin to overcome. Odds are that a recount won’t change a thing. Kloppenburg should take the high road in this case and concede the election.

    Here’s the video. “Folly” is too kind a word. How about “delusion”:

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    Considering the money it will cost her backers, and the sequestered "networking," the car trunk full of ballots has been found and the incinerator operators too. I will be surprised if the election goes to her opponent. WI 2011 is battle training for USA 2012 and there are no restraints on chaos (Democratic Party) operations. Chaos is chaos. How is chaos sublimated? War is theoretical before it is kinetic. If the theory is accurate and the execution determined, the kinetics succeed and are a whole lot of fun. Glorious is a common description.

    This is a folly. She lost and she will lose the recount. The Chief Justice is not going to interfere. She maybe a lib, but she is not stupid. This is over and Prosser will be seated.

    This action of hers is well beyond the mere pursuit of ordinary process, and has entered into a highly provocative political realm. Particularly because it arose out of a judicial election, Kloppenburg risks turning off significant segments of the Wisconsin voting public.

    Apparently unwilling to accept the investigative results of the GAB with regard to Waukesha, she is even demanding an investigation of the circumstances be undertaken by an "independent" investigative body. That implicitly suggests she thinks the GAB investigation was either incomplete or somehow tainted.

    She is also now also taking on the state’s largest newspaper, the liberal-leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which editorialized against her decision to go this route because of the difference in the vote totals.

    Kloppenburg lost. But sadly she seems incapable of recognizing that reality, and is willing to risk sabotage of the system. Recall the reporter asking her why she was immediately declaring victory back on April 6th, with a mere 204 vote lead, and without any canvassing having taken place.

    Her answer showed that even then she was in a state of denial. Giddily having declaring that both she and her supporters were "ecstatic" she said, in her, "because I say so" manner:

    "No. We ran a campaign that was focused on being positive and respectful, and, and, winning . . . and we did win and we're confident that the margin will hold."

    But it did not hold, as we now know. During that April 6th presser, the reporter strongly suggested it might happen. He said that even a small math error could easily flip 204 votes. But Kloppenburg dismissed the possibility out of hand, and went right ahead, thereby ultimately making a fool of herself.

    Now she seems incapable of letting go. I honestly thought she would sleep on it and eventually find a way to save face. I guessed wrong. Sometimes when you expect people who are trained to be reasonable to act reasonably, they throw a tantrum instead!

    By her reactions, she has not only demonstrably proved she lacks judicial temperament; she lacks the sort of sound judgment that the public has a right to expect from any public servant who is in a position to make reasoned and cautious decisions. That should apply to an Assistant Attorney General too.

    Wisconsin has dodged a bullet. Unfortunately, however, Joanne Kloppenburg is still shooting!

    Yesterday she actually even began spinning the outlines of a conspiracy theory of pre-knowledge and perhaps even involvement by "conservative bloggers" in the numbers game that arose out of the Waukesha reporting error. Ann Althouse shot that one down immediately and then she followed up convincingly here!

    Will any other Wisconsin Democrats try to talk Kloppenburg down off her high horse? A smart one would. No one can intelligently believe that provoking a permanent state of turmoil in an election process is good politics — especially a judicial election where the margin is comfortable.

    Some say because she has the right to ask for a recount, that is a justification for seeking one. But politics is the art of the possible. Just because you have the "right" to do something does not mean you should just go ahead and do it! The Apostle Paul wisely noted in a letter to the Corinthians, "All things are lawful for me; but not all things are expedient."

    To JoAnne Kloppenburg, however, that distinction would be inapt. She has gone ahead and irresponsibly thrown the monkey wrench. So the Republicans should go ahead and expose it for what it is – an inappropriate attempt to sabotage the system.

    Apparently they've trimmed the recount back to only 31 Counties. They must have realized that dog wasn't hunting.

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