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    Kloppenburg – Full Statewide Recount (“Kloppenburg’s Folly”)

    Kloppenburg – Full Statewide Recount (“Kloppenburg’s Folly”)

    Local news in Wisconsin is reporting that JoAnne Kloppenburg has filed for a full statewide recount.

    Details to follow.

    Updates: Unfortunately I did not get to watch the news conference live. From what I read, it was a real tinfoil hat moment. I’ll post video as soon as available.

    Here’s a report from Politico:

    Charging that voting “anomalies” were “widespread,” the liberal challenger in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race filed papers Wednesday afternoon requesting a recount in the close election that has her trailing a conservative incumbent by less than 0.5 percent….

    “Today, my campaign is asking the Government Accountability Board to conduct a statewide recount,” Kloppenburg said at a news conference. The announcement was met with applause and cheers of “thank you.” She’s requesting the recount “in part to determine what the proper outcome of the election will be and to ensure that elections form this point forward will be fair.

    “I do not make this decision lightly … I have weighed the options and I have considered the facts,” Kloppenburg, currently an assistant state attorney general, said. The tight margin — small enough to trigger a provision allowing the state to pay for the recount process — means that “the importance of every vote is magnified and doubts about every vote are magnified as well,” she said.

    The reports of widespread anomalies are bogus.  As reported yesterday, in Waukesha county a GAB review found only a handful of anomalies, some of which would be in favor of Prosser.

    Kloppenburg is beclowning herself, and proving how lucky Wisconsin is not to have her as a Supreme Court Justice.  But then again, she’s not paying for it, so what does she care.  More theater.

    Although statistically close to impossible, Republicans need to gear up to protect the election results.  You can donate at the Prosser Recount Fund.

    More Updates:  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board already has weighed in, denouncing Klopenburg’s Folly:

    We understand what motivated Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg to ask for a recount in the election for a seat on the state Supreme Court. It’s tough to lose a close election, especially one you thought had been won, especially one in which a county clerk misplaced an entire community’s votes.

    But we still think Kloppenburg’s request is a mistake. What happened in Waukesha County was a serious error, but it appears to have been just an error, and one that has now been rectified. The recount is costly and will only serve to further exacerbate Wisconsin’s political divisions. It will leave a bad taste; that’s a sad legacy for Kloppenburg. The difference in the balloting is 7,316 votes. Although that’s less than 0.5% of the 1.5 million votes cast, it’s still a big margin to overcome. Odds are that a recount won’t change a thing. Kloppenburg should take the high road in this case and concede the election.

    Here’s the video. “Folly” is too kind a word. How about “delusion”:

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    @ambisinistral – that's only for hand recounts, they're doing all the other counties by machine recount.

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