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    I’m glad I did not pass this car with a key in my hand

    I’m glad I did not pass this car with a key in my hand

    because I’m not sure I could have controlled myself.

    Spotted by reader Joseph in Woodstock, NY, this last weekend.

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    To the owner of that Subaru..

    Not PC by any means, but please pick your "classification".

    IQ Range Classification

    70-80 Borderline deficiency
    50-69 Moron
    20-49 Imbecile
    below 20 Idiot

    OH and thanks for buying American, lefty.

    Wow, that person has issues. One wonders which Woodstock they attended, the first one where all the drugged out kids were saved by the National guard. or the second one that sold its soul for money? Either way, poor judgement displayed. If they attended both, wow they did not learn their lesson.

    And why don't they own a Volt or a Smartcar? Save America and all that.

    I live in Texas, in a very conservative area, so I NEVER get the opportunity to see bumper stickers such as these!
    My favorite one spotted this week is….."No dime left behind"
    Had a good laugh over that one!
    Maybe you should start a new category for conservative stickers to give your readers some hope/relief!
    God bless America.

    From the stickers I think I can safely profile the driver as:

    1: Female
    2: Attended the modern woodstock
    3: Wears Birkenstocks
    4: Is lesbian
    5: Majored in English Lit and female studies
    6: Smells of patchouli oil
    7: Owns more than 1 cat
    8: Lost 10 rounds to the ugly stick.

    Hey! Cut them some slack. At least they admit to being insane. Probably right on that count.

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