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    Game Over – Kloppenburg Loses to Prosser (and Truman)(and Palin)

    Game Over – Kloppenburg Loses to Prosser (and Truman)(and Palin)

    The results have just been posted in the Milwaukee County canvass, and nothing much changed from yesterday. AP reports Prosser picked up 11 more votes and is the winner.

    I repeat, JoAnne Kloppenburg lost.  David Prosser won.

    The vote margin stands at 7316, a virtually insurmountable lead for a recount.  All the hanging chads in the world will not put Kloppenburg on the Supreme Court.

    So I will make a plea taken from a concern troll who posted a comment here when it looked like Kloppenburg would win by 200 votes:

    Prosser Kloppenburg is in a really tough spot here. A close election like this, you would pretty much have to file a recount.

    But a recount would throw the impartiality and fairness of the Wisconsin court system into doubt, considering any judge in Wisconsin would have a personal interest in the case.

    For the sake of the Wisconsin courts, Prosser Kloppenburg might have to swallow the narrow  loss.

    Sarah Palin, who endorsed Prosser shortly before the election, will be attending a Tea Party rally in Madison Saturday.  Should be fun.

    How great would it be if massive loudspeakers blasted this song as Palin took the stage in the belly of the beast? They’d tear their hair out.

    Updates:  Prosser has declared victory:

    “Today, the will of the electorate is clear with the last canvas now completed and Justice David Prosser reelected to another 10 year term to the Supreme Court. Justice Prosser extends his appreciation and respect to Joanne Kloppenburg and her spirited campaign.

    With certified results in‐hand, Justice Prosser hopes that a shared respect for the judiciary allows the campaign to move to a positive conclusion.

    Justice Prosser looks forward to thanking the voters of Wisconsin and is expected make a public address in the near‐future.”

    Kloppenburg is pondering her options:

    “Now that the statewide canvass is complete, our campaign will focus our decision making on whether to request a recount. By statute, we have three business days in which to make that decision. We will review the information available to us and carefully weigh the options. We will make an announcement concerning our decision no later than Wednesday, April 20, 2011.”

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    First of all, Congratulations to Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Prosser, Gov. Walker, and especially to the People and State of Wisconsin, for they have sent a message load and clear, that the ALL of People of the State, and their "Will", and the State Constitution, and thus Free and Open Representative Democracy, will be adhered to, and maintained, in spite of the mob thugacracy of intimidation, threats, and coercion, that these Public Unions thugs and goons, tried to impose on ALL of the Tax Paying Citizens, aka, "the People", of the State of Wisconsin.!!!!

    Secondly, the fight goes on, as we have to throw out the rest of the Public Union corruption allied Liberal Obamacrats on 6 Nov. 2012, not to mention the head Obamacrat himself, as well as maintaining the election results of 2 Nov., in their blatant attempt to overturn those election results, in a recall.. but no problem, as "We the People", shall prevail in this. as well..!!!!

    And Thirdly,
    You Go Gov. Palin.!!!

    Of all the Domestic Trips and Rallies and Speeches, Gov. Palin has made so far.. this will be the most visible statement and stand, on the political battlefield, to date. as Wisconsin, is now ground zero in the war for restoration of State and National Fiscal and Financial Budgetary issues, and especially the Adherence to, and of, the U.S. and State Constitutions. This is a fight to restore, and thus to gain back, control of the govt's, and give them back to the People, and not in the hands of the few minority special interest groups, and corrupt political cronies, like these Public Unions and Democratic politicians, who have been colluding against the rest of the Tax Payers, to secure their gravy train express gold plated Pensions and Salaries and Health benefits, at no out of pocket costs, and all at the cost and expense of the rest of the tax paying citizens, who did not share in their plundering and looting of the States Treasury and Budgetary coffers, but who have to pay for all of it, which is now fiscally and financially impossible, and unsustainable, period.!!

    To all the Anti-American Liberal Socialist Marxist Obamacratic Politicians,and their army of Public Unions thugs and goons, ie; their co-conspirators.. Perpetual Collusional Corruption, resulting in the bankrupting, looting, and plundering, of the State and all of it's Citizenry, aka, Tax Paying People, just to benefit a few minority union thugs and goons, and corrupt Obamacratic politicians, is NOT a Noble cause..!!

    This blog has been the 'go to' site for many on this WI Supreme court election debacle.

    If you want to read another great take on this election follow the link below. A fantastic article.

    As Prosser Wins, the Dems Get the Blame for Wisconsin

    Many thanks Professor. I enjoy your blog immensely.

    Yeah Wisconsin… go Prosser… by the way Where is that Evil Eric (we are a nation of cowards)? I thought he was going to investigate this race?
    Must be busy with gitmo and az. VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT 2012

    Here is an interesting fact.

    According to the current GAB tallies (following the process of statewide canvassing, county-by-county) Justice Prosser prevailed by 7,403 votes in the City of Brookfield, WI. That was the municipality in Waukesha County not initially "reported" by the county clerk to the Associated Press in the rush on Election night.

    Prosser received 10,859 votes there, while Kloppenburg only garnered 3,456. (A scattering of 11 votes went to others.)

    This means that, looking back now, Kloppenburg was confidently declaring victory on April 6th, in a situation where she would have ended up a mere 87 votes ahead following the canvassing process. [7,403 – 7,416 = 87]

    Under those circumstances, of course, Justice Prosser would have been fully justified in seeking full a statewide recount.

    But watching and especially listening to that news conference of hers from back on April 6th [before the Brookfield correction was made], hearing her just completely brush aside the specific questions of the reporters about the advisability of so confidently declaring victory, given the fact that the county-by-county canvassing process had not even begun, was an alarming performance.

    In retrospect, it clearly gives viewers a real window into the temperament of an obvious results-oriented person, not someone who would likely be open-minded enough to consider all arguments, such as in a careful process of reviewing lower court decisions.

    She simply dismissed all of the reporters' very intelligent questions out of hand. And she hadn't even had the courtesy of calling Judge Prosser before declaring her victory!

    Her rhetorical claim therein that she was committed to applying "the law to the facts" was an empty gesture. This preview strongly portends otherwise, even suggesting she could care less about the facts!

    It looks to me like Wisconsin just dodged a bullet!

    Who is Unios?

    Oh. Wait. Is that supposed to be "unions?"

    This stuff just writes itself.

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