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    Fortunately We Have Not Yet Hit $4 per Gallon Gas

    Fortunately We Have Not Yet Hit $4 per Gallon Gas

    (Whitney Point, NY, 4-17-2011)

    And we we should give further thanks that the current President of the United States understands the forces which come together in what we sometimes call “markets.” 

    Because if we had as President someone less highly credentialed, less schooled in economic theory, someone who moved from college to college before getting a degree from a state school, we might not have the benefit of Obama’s wisdom that limiting domestic drilling was the answer to our energy needs.  That, and windmills.

    Instead, we’d get the absurd view that we should increase domestic supply while testing as yet unproven technologies and alternatives:

    (video h/t SISU)

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    My friend in Rome, NY, said a week ago that gas hit the $4 mark. Here in the Corning, NY, area, it's just under at $3.95. But that was yesterday.

    The Ghost | April 18, 2011 at 8:17 am

    a good percentage of cars require premium so alot of folks are over the $4 mark and have been for a while …

    When Sarah Palin said in WI this past weekend that gas prices climbing to $4 and $5 a gallon, along with increased food prices, were fueling American's against Obama's agenda, she was spot-on!

    I remember when she said in a speech that inflation was on the rise……and the Regime (using the MSM propaganda arm) tried the stupid meme: "Hahaha, there's no rising infation!" She, of course, was right – again. How will they try to smear her speech this time – stupid-meme, misquote, or just ignore her…..? News to the clueless – it's not working!

    You see, the more she speaks, the more facts and truth she states – and the public hears, the better Americans and America will be.

    Palin for President! If she runs – whether she wins or not – the debate and dialog will stay on point as to what REALLY matters.

    She is one smart lady. Brave, bold, brassy. With cojones, and a steel spine.

    I don't believe anyone in the oil and gas industry is currently shaking in their boots worrying about Holder’s DOJ initiating an investigation. First, that would require a great deal of competence and diligence and neither of those attributes seem to be very abundant at the DOJ. By the time they got to the point of taking depositions, Obama would be long gone. Second, if you know about the oil and gas industry, people there aren’t exactly prone to holding formal meetings and then subsequently publishing the minutes.

    As much as the high price of gas is hurting our economy, I concur with the above sentiment which in effect says, if that’s what it takes to get them out – then I’ll gladly pay it. I would rather give my money to the oil and gas industry then to the RNC.

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