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    Does Wisconsin 2011 = U.S.A. 2012?

    Does Wisconsin 2011 = U.S.A. 2012?

    Alexander Burns at Politico argues that Wisconsin in 2011 is a template for what will happen nationally in 2012, a split electorate with a narrow margin of victory:

    Wisconsin’s contested Supreme Court race has set in motion a drama that’s by now almost painfully familiar. It goes something like this: A hard-fought election comes down to a few troublesome precincts. National commentators fret about ballot-box shenanigans and voter fraud. A not-ready-for-primetime local official becomes the target of withering partisan attacks. 

    Then, both parties send in the lawyers.

    I’m not sure I agree.

    My feeling right now is that Obama either wins comfortably or loses comfortably.  He is so polarizing a figure that he manages to resurrect the lovefest and adoration, or he falls miserably on his face.

    What do you think?

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    The Republicans will nominate a candidate that the best that can be said about him is that he is not Obama. He will be a RINO squish that is big with the country club group and barely palatable to the rank and file (bitter clingers).
    Meanwhile Donald Trump will run as a third party candidate.
    Barack Obama will cruise to an easy second term.
    Republicans, predictably, won't be able to figure out why no one will vote for them.
    Same old song, if you haven't heard it before it's because you're passed out on the bar by now.

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