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    Comment Moderation

    Comment Moderation

    A blog post by one of the students in Jeff Cohen’s Independent Media class at Ithaca College, to which I linked this morning, has led The Lonely Conservative to argue that my comment moderation policy contributes to the content of the blog:

    Since Professor Jacobson’s niche is really a unique and organized opinion on politics, open comments really diminish the content. In communication, interference is the most common way messages are not received. Comments that do not provide a value-added benefit to Jacobson’s post could dramatically hurt his content. If everyone were sabotaging each other’s comments section, no one would bother reading political blogs, thus no one would bother writing a political blog.

    I know we have touched on this before

    Opening up the comments using software such as Intense Debate would make for more real time and interactive commenting, and relieve me of the burden of putting through comments, but also might turn the comment section into a food fight (trolls will be blocked, but that often is a losing after-the-fact battle).


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    I see that Lonely Conservative uses Capcha to help filter his spam, but Capcha at times seems to be as ugly as the spam – according to my friends who have tried the filtering software.

    It certainly amazes me that you post as much to this blog as you do and still have time to moderate comments. Before coming to your site today, I stopped off at Coyote Blog to see what was on Warren Meyer's mind today. It occurs to me that he never responds to his readers (much to their chagrin when he advocates against tighter immigration policies).

    I, for one, will not discourage your active participation in the comment section, mostly because successful bloggers do it – Althouse and Wretchard come to mind immediately – but then again so does Chucky at LGF.

    I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Intense Debate. It has its quirks at times, but believe me, once I adopted it, I never looked back, not even thought about doing so. It just has a style, a look, and a functionality that are second to none. Disqus is cool too, but between the two, I would have to stay with ID. Avoid JS-Kit like the plaque.

    >shrug< I don't read the comments, unless its one of my comments. Yes, I'm egotistical, even for a choleric.

    I replied to your post re: healthcare here, and re: Citizen's United here.

    I'm another one that seldom reads the comments.

    If the original post solicits information, or if the post is updated to reference good comments, I might read. I've even been known to comment on rare occasion. However, the comments aren't any part of what I come here for.

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