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    Can Kloppenburg Find 7,305 Votes In Milwaukee Today?

    Can Kloppenburg Find 7,305 Votes In Milwaukee Today?

    If not, it’s all over in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, as reported by WiscPolitics Election Blog:

    The canvasses from Sauk and Taylor counties have now been posted to the GAB website. But it could be until the end of today or even tomorrow before Milwaukee County is through proofing its numbers.

    Milwaukee County Election Commission Department Administrator Lisa Catlin Weiner said the final touches were still being put on its canvass before it’s finalized.

    There was one tweak to our tally now that the Sauk and Taylor canvasses are posted.  JoAnne Kloppenburg had one fewer vote on the canvass posted today compared to information collected from the clerk’s office last week.

    That puts David Prosser’s lead at 7,305 votes with Milwaukee County still out.

    The tally of votes as of this morning, with only Milwaukee yet to finalize its canvass, is here:

    Update 4-14-2011 – Milwaukee officials now say the canvas will not be completed until Friday, but as of the end of the day Thursday WiscPolitics Election Blog reports that “[a]ccording to the [election] commission, there have been no significant changes in the vote totals.”

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    It might not be very classy but I admit I would pay money to hear a Judge Prosser victory speech in which he simply repeats the bulk of Kloppy's speech (changing "him" to "her" and so on as needed, and dropping the 30 years of service bit).

    Propaganda: Even if the Dems cannot win a recount, they can advance their cause by doing what they always do: Embarking on a massive smear campaign to create a myth that the election was "stolen" by the Republicans. The actual facts will get ignored, twisted, denied, and finally buried under a mountain of lies. They've been getting away with it for many years, because academia and the news media collude in spreading their lies.

    Perhaps, but don't you think it would be more valid if Bush had lost in 2004 and Walker run out of town by now, pst314? More of the same, when the same isn't working anymore is, what?

    @The Grand Inquisitor

    Apparently we both came to the same conclusion here. Will be interesting to see if thats how it plays out.

    @JimMtnViewCa . . . Heh! Nice to dream, no? But you can tell from his presser the other day that Justice Prosser really is a class guy.

    Hey, it won't happen, but I'd also love to hear him simply quote the ever-laconic Silent Cal (Calvin Coolidge) when he was once addressed by a young woman he had been seated next to at a dinner party. According to the story, told by Coolidge's wife, Grace, the young woman was trying to goad him into a conversation at the dinner, and she told the President that she had bet friends she could get him to say more than two words to her at the dinner.

    He simply replied, "You lose."

    ps: I admit I was wrong in my prior prediction that Kloppenburg would likely concede on Wednesday, based on the presumption that the Democrats in Milwaukee county would be unable to manufacture more than 7,323 votes in order to give her the victory.

    Milwaukee County is still the inexplicable holdout, as reflected on the website of the GAB, where, as of 10:30 am Central Time, 04/14/2011, now a week and two days following the election, it says:

    "Milwaukee county is still being worked on, and will be posted as soon as possible."

    Any day now . . .

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