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    Wisconsin Who?

    Wisconsin Who?

    The failure of Democrats in Wisconsin to stop passage of a budget repair bill, including a scaling back of public sector collective bargaining as to benefits, is being portrayed as a “gift” to Democrats and public sector unions.  The usual suspects are describing Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in the legislature as Republican’s “Waterloo.”


    There will be no groundswell of support for public sector unions, even as people feel a connection to public sector employees.  The reason is that not much really has changed for public sector employees or the public, other than putting Wisconsin’s ship of state on a proper fiscal course.

    Wisconsin has been a devastating blow to public sector union power and pocketbooks, but it was not a blow to public sector employees whose jobs now are more secure because layoffs will not be needed to balance the budget.

    In a few days or weeks, even with the recall efforts by national unions and Democratic groups, the nation will have moved on …

    to the possible government shutdown in Washington, D.C., budget crises in multiple other states, more controntations between Governors of each party and public sector unions, and so on.

    The protesters will be bused elsewhere.  The public sector employess will see more money in their paychecks.

    There are hockey games to attend, snow to shovel, and a private sector economy to grow.

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    obpopulus ….

    "Union busting" ….. sure…

    Tell us again who the eeevilll exploitative employer is in the "public union" scenario.

    Lets see, government could act like any other employer and renegotiate contracts or use hring freezes and layoffs to control costs; but Wisconsin decides to take away all collective bargaining rights and reserve unto itself what it deems necessary to give to its employees. The new attitude fed by envy is let them eat cake.

    Don't tell me that the unions still have some collective bargaining rights as unions can still negotiate wages. Any increase there can easily be offset by the government increasing employee contributions to other benefits.

    Wisconsin has set itself up to be sole arbitor of the work place without any counter weight, in essence no checks or balances upon its power.

    Our government system is replete with checks and balances so to insure that government does not become to powerful and eventually, tyrannical.

    So those who believe in limiting government power in all other areas of our life as a healthy fear of government's oppressive nature feel it is appropriate in this one instance for government to act without any counterbalance.

    It is what it is and that is union busting in order for government to consolidate power. Simple as that.

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