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    What Will They Say About The Blaze Now?

    What Will They Say About The Blaze Now?

    The website The Blaze has obtained audio of a union organizer presently or recently working for SEIU divulging a plan to collapse the banking system:

    A partial transcript is here.

    The interesting thing is that The Blaze received critical acclaim from the left for its assertion that the NPR tapes were improperly edited. I did not agree with that assessment.

    So I can’t wait to see how The Blaze is attacked by those who just a couple of weeks ago were holding The Blaze up as the paradigm of integrity.

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    Nobody held up The Blaze as a paradigm of integrity. If anything, they expressed surprise that revelations of O'Keefe's dishonest and misleading editing would come from Glenn Beck's website, of all places. The dishonesty is to be expected at this point, but the source was a surprise.

    You'll forgive me if I wait a few days for the other shoe to drop before I rush to outrage at any more leftist plots to destroy America.

    I listened to the first 2 minutes, and that was enough. 'Organize millions of people to stop paying mortgages if they are underwater'. Isn't this treason: attempting to destroy our country? Normally I'm against capital punishment, however, a country does have the right to defend itself, and shooting legal and illegal enemy combatants is fully justified. Traitors and spies are shot. Usually summarily shot.

    As if someone in that room has a mortgage.
    I bet half of them don't even have a car.

    Treason. Plain and simple.

    Apparently this guy has not considered the ramifications of bringing on the full weight of the US military to restore order in the event of martial law. This will make MacArthur's assault on the Bonus Army look tame.

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