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    What Don’t They Understand About Islamists?

    What Don’t They Understand About Islamists?

    In what will come as a shock to no one who lives in reality, the revolutions throughout the Middle East, while sparked in many instances by people who share western-style democratic values, are turning Islamist, and the Obama administration is dithering and accepting the outcome as a foregone conclusion:

    Via The Washington Post:

    The Obama administration is preparing for the prospect that Islamist governments will take hold in North Africa and the Middle East, acknowledging that the popular revolutions there will bring a more religious cast to the region’s politics….

    Since taking office, President Obama has argued for a “new beginning” with Islam, suggesting that Islamic belief and democratic politics are not incompatible. But in doing so, he has alarmed some foreign-policy pragmatists and allies such as Israel, who fear that governments based on religious law will inevitably undercut democratic reforms and other Western values.

    Some within the U.S. intelligence community, foreign diplomatic circles and the Republican Party say Obama’s readiness to accept Islamist movements, even ones that meet certain conditions, fails to take into consideration the methodical approach many such parties adopt toward gradually transforming secular nations into Islamic states at odds with U.S. policy goals.

    Exactly.  The Islamist parties throughout the Middle East use democracy as the device to destroy democracy, even in nations such as Turkey which have a long secular democratic history.

    Which makes the most recent column by Roger Cohen at The NY Times so laughably absurd:

    The Arab awakening is not yet about Israel — I never heard the word “Israel” during two weeks in Cairo — but that could change if another skirmish erupts. Nothing would radicalize regional sentiment, now focused on building rather than destroying, as quickly.

    I guess Cohen wasn’t in Egypt when over a million Egyptians greeted the return an anti-Semitic cleric and chanted “To Jerusalem We go, for us to be the Martyrs of the Millions.”

    The Obama administration could have played a pivotal role in supporting more secular and less extremist forces in the Middle East.  Instead it has sat on the sidelines while commissioning studies, as if the experiences of Iran, Gaza and Lebanon were not lessons enough.

    We are led by political and media elites who are so blinded by a desire not to be seen as anti-Islam, that they have increased the likelihood that tens of millions of Muslims will meet the fate of the people of Iran.

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    In a word: everything.

    I did a couple of posts about this issue. Is Obama on their side or just incredibly stupid. Remember he comes from a revolutionary background through is father's father. A little "getting even" shows not only here with he and his wife's excesses, but in foreign policy. Let's not over think it.

    Regardless, I am starting to feel like Lloyd Bridges in Airplane, I picked the wrong week to…

    As Charles Krauthammer noted today:

    "Also forgotten is the once proudly proclaimed "realism" of Years One and Two of President Obama's foreign policy – the "smart power" antidote to Bush's alleged misty-eyed idealism.

    It began on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first Asia trip when she publicly played down human rights concerns in China. The administration also cut aid for democracy promotion in Egypt by 50 percent. And cut civil society funds – money for precisely the organizations we now need to help Egyptian democracy – by 70 percent."

    Not to mention Obama turned his back on the 2009 Iranian democrats' effort to reassert secular politicians.

    It's not that they don't understand Islamists, it's that they're operating according to the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Who's the 'my enemy'? We Conservatives and the GOP are. Israel is.

    There's nothing left to prepare. They've made all their preparations. The Middle East situation is of Obama's making. We've had 2 Jihad presidents to date. The first, Carter. Carter's betrayal of the Shah released the beast of Islam on America. Major terrorist attacks qagainst America began coming out of Iran two years later, and every two years since. Fast forward to Obama. The radicals have learned much since Carter, and so the plan is much grander this time. The only preparations the WH is making is planning the party to celebrate it's achievement.

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