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    We’re No. 4

    We’re No. 4

    In TaxProf’s rankings of law professor blogs for the 12 months ending December 31, 2010, based on page views and visits, as calculated by publically available Sitemeters.  (Footnote, we really should be no. 5, but Instapundit not longer has a public Sitemeter, so it no longer is in the rankings.)

    I note this only for those of you who follow such things.  Personally, it means nothing to me, because … um, because … (someone help me here) …

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    It's the +150.6% that is most impressive. You are passing people like they are standing still!

    Personally, it means nothing to me, because … um, because … (a few modest suggestions) …

    1. I’m already the change I’ve been waiting for.
    2. I’ve seen that the seas have stopped rising.
    3. I’m holding out for the Nobel Peace Prize instead.
    4. I’m too busy healing the planet.
    5. I live to serve humanity.
    6. I know that there are riches in niches.
    7. I’m endlessly collegial.
    8. I’ve already recruited all the cult followers I can handle.
    9. I want to let Charlie Sheen keep winning.
    10. All I really want is the approval of Alec Baldwin and Barbra Streisand.

    " … because … um, because … (someone help me here) … "

    Because, because, because, because, becausssssssssse, because of the wonderful things I does!

    I agree with Pasadena Phil. More impressive than the ranking is the growth rate of your blog. I'd like to buy 10,000 calls at the November 2012 strike, please, oh wonderful whiz of a wiz.

    November 2012 @ #1 Strike, that is.

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