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    The Worst Thing For Obama About Trump On The View

    The Worst Thing For Obama About Trump On The View

    is that it reflects the reality that Obama’s “Birther” strategy has failed politically, something I have long argued.

    Listen to the crowd reaction beginning at the 2:08 mark, as Donald Trump vigorously and repeatedly states “I want him to show the birth certificate.”  The crowd claps loudly to Trump’s words. (It seems an unlikely time for the producers to have flashed an applause light, so it is fair to assume the crowd reaction was spontaneous.)

    The issue still is festering, as even the Democratic Governor of Hawaii and Chris Matthews recognize.

    Update:  DaTechGuy (via Instapundit) observes:

    On Morning Joe just now Joe Scarborough nailed it pointing out that the liberal audience of the View applauded when Trump said this.

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    sort of runic rhyme | March 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Laurie, your many-word wishing away of what the majority of us perceive as Obama's racism (whether he's negatively anti-white or activist pro-black) is a fail. The fact you think you have to try is more telling than anything you have to say.

    My supposition is that most of us here and in the Tea Party look in the mirror in the morning and don't see white, black or brown categories, unlike you who sees a "white lady." I truly believe any fact of our racial heritage jumps out at us less than whether we have sleepy in our eyes and bed hair.

    Now, if one constantly has race on the mind, whether it be white guilt, La Raza, or black pride, then, sure, we'd know what color we are according to Democrats and the Census. But according to me, I'm simply tan-beige and can be assigned a number in the color spectrum. Analyze my DNA and who knows what you'll find that you can't see by shade and feature.

    WHY are communities of people still identiying themselves by race, and imprecisely at that??? Race is all about gang, clan and party/ partay association and social construct; clearly, scientific logic and empiricals haven't yet penetrated the skin tone (and climate boogeyman) crowd, yet.

    Obama could've called himself white, albeit dar-complexioned. Halle Berre can pass as black for the Oscars. Pale people who are significantly Negroid by DNA can still lay claim to being black. IOW, until we have genetic testing as to people's racial heritage and assign political definitions of race by chromosomal markers and analytical numbers, race is a state of mind, culture, history and political opportunity. It's high time we deemphasize, deglamorize and defang race and other inborn physical traits as stigma, advantage and bludgeon in our political discourse. People in the burbs or ghettos are simply individuals choosing to live with and next to one another. Should they happen to share skin color, then theirs is a voluntary association and no longer, these days, a social-political requirement given the force of law and raised sensibility.

    Anyway, there is no countering our in-the-minority racists (of all races, to include the anti-Semites, skinheads, the Aztec Nation, Nation of Islam and the Reverend Wright whom Obama patronized by his church attendance and contributions) by constantly invoking, stoking and provoking over race; there is only heightened race consciousness. More and more of us are certain that Democrats want this emphasis on race far more than would seek to conquer racism, as claimed, because it's too politically lucrative.

    The losers in this game of party political masters and servant communities are all of us: the entire country, a PC crippled, apologetic West and all of the handicapped by resentments and manipulated to stay damaged ethnic voter blocs. No one wins.

    @Laurie A few points at the risk of feeding the tangent on the liberal racist nightmare of white flight with "taxpayers (on 5 acre parcels, which precludes population density sufficient to be self supporting) want neighborhood schools in their sanctuary and have redirected scarce school funds to create underpopulated schools ‘close to home.’"

    That is a quaint analogy about where you live, but it's hardly the prevailing situation everywhere. Just look at the way NJ funds public schools with local taxes and state 'aid' to address the inequality of opportunity to get a decent education between school districts. School districts in NJ inner-city poor minority areas tend to have higher spending per student with much lower revenue from the local community than those in your little five acre lot sanctuaries.

    Those suburban pools of higher income taxpayers on 5 acres lots "redirecting scarce school funds" are not only paying nearly the entire budget for their local "underpopulated" schools through local taxes, but they are also providing substantively to the state aid to the inner city schools, at least in NJ. A GAO report found a few spending differences between inner-city and suburban schools, but the phenomenon you describe was not generizable across the districts they examined.

    Concern over Obama has little to do with race. Whether or not you see it, it doesn't matter. It has more to do with him being little more than a community organizing union thug in bed with what's being slowly exposed as a very corrupt union, period. And union officials like his friend, Andy Stern, are in it all for themselves, not the workers. They will do anything to subjugate the workers' right to choose and force them to pay dues for his union to spend to influence political issues which have little to no effect on the workplace whether the workers there want to be in that union or not. They want to take away the workers' sovereign vote to grow the political power of the collective through any means available to, as Obama put it, "paint the nation purple with SEIU". The internet is full of examples of SEIU extortion, bullying, intimidation, stealing, opening peoples' mail, and outright violence to expand their domain at the expense of other smaller and honest local unions who actually care for the workers across this country. Just look for NUHW in California and Sodexo and you'll see some of their handiwork. And let's not forget their alleged involvement in the attempt to buy Obama's vacant Senate seat which is stuff that would make the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese crime families proud. Open your eyes and go look for them.

    I personally don't give a rat's ass about Obama's birth certificate or the color of his skin. I care about his continuous associations throughout his career with morally and ethically bankrupt organizations and how much he's an integral part of that fabric becomes more obvious every time he opens his mouth. Good luck.

    Laurie said…

    " Actually, you are incorrect. And, as it turns out, most dicussion around Obama's eligibility is moot. I should have looked this up a long time ago.

    (Also, the actions of a parent do not affect the citizenship of the child.)"

    Actually, Who is US Constitution .net?
    A quote from them means nothing.
    A quote from the writer of the 14Amendment is definitely much more reliable. John Bingham said this in the debates leading to the ratification of the 14A in 1866, w/ no rebuttal.:

    "[I] find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen…"

    Mick– Do you take this to mean that a natural born citizen cannot have ONE parent who is a foreign national? If this were the law, natural born citizens would all be children of the American Revolution. Thinkin' not.

    Runic- The idea people just happen to live next to one another is a great dream, but a long way from true. Of the black friends I've had over the years, I have naturally been most comfortable and closest to those who didn't make race a part of our relationship. White guilt isn't my pathology. But I also get that we are partly our experiences. And these are related to our race, gender, age, religion, etc.To say these are or should be inconsequential politically is both dishonest and rarely in the interest of both parties….

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