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    The Worst Thing For Obama About Trump On The View

    The Worst Thing For Obama About Trump On The View

    is that it reflects the reality that Obama’s “Birther” strategy has failed politically, something I have long argued.

    Listen to the crowd reaction beginning at the 2:08 mark, as Donald Trump vigorously and repeatedly states “I want him to show the birth certificate.”  The crowd claps loudly to Trump’s words. (It seems an unlikely time for the producers to have flashed an applause light, so it is fair to assume the crowd reaction was spontaneous.)

    The issue still is festering, as even the Democratic Governor of Hawaii and Chris Matthews recognize.

    Update:  DaTechGuy (via Instapundit) observes:

    On Morning Joe just now Joe Scarborough nailed it pointing out that the liberal audience of the View applauded when Trump said this.

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    The folks on the 5 acre parcels Don't pay even their share of the school property tax, that was my point. (We also have a local sales tax for the schools.) Anyway. I appreciate that this may be anomalous, but I can't see any reason that Americans, as citizens, should be permitted to allow their fellow citizens (who will vote) access to quality public education. (And quality– inevitably means as good for one as good for all.)

    The union stuff you discussed is interesting. And I will take your suggestion and learn more. thanks.

    Obama making fun of "birthers" and ridiculing them is likely to bite him big time, in the azz. Following is a recent blog I posted, which substansiates my assertion:

    "Obama Screwed Himself Over:"

    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

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