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    Palin is the Psyche-logical Favorite

    Palin is the Psyche-logical Favorite

    Andrew Sullivan on Sarah Palin’s upcoming trip to Israel (emphasis mine)

    The appeal of Sarah Palin as a GOP nominee is not just about domestic resentments. It is also about foreign policy revanchism. And it seems rash to me to dismiss the importance of this. There is something about an attractive woman wielding military force that reaches those parts of the psyche that no-drama Obama never will or can. Ask Thatcher or Meir (or Elizabeth I or Indira Gandhi).

    Golda Meir is beloved by me, and Margaret Thatcher is an ideological hero (I’m neutral on Indira Gandi, and indifferent to Elizabeth I). 

    By Sullivan’s psyche-logical standard, Palin will be the next President of the United States, should she choose to run, and in very good historical company.

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    I ALWAYS refer to Margaret Thatcher, the Last Man in Europe as "Margaret Thatcher, the Last Man in Europe". When speaking to my Euroweenie friends, I do so as often as possible, just to annoy them.

    Isabella of Castile is a good call.

    Indira is a good negative call, leftist tyrant, forced sterilizations, corrupt. So is Elizabeth I, ran a police state, as already noted, persecuted and murdered Roman Catholics and Jews, and a certain Scot whose claim to the throne surpassed her own.

    Golda held her country together, indomitable, courageous, skillful, good at picking talent, and looked like an unmade bed.

    Sarah reminds me of Lakshmibai, the heroine of Indian independence, including to carrying her baby into battle, her stunning feminine personal beauty and her utter disregard for conventions that separate human beings from their nature, which is Liberty. She also arrived in the center of affairs from a place and to a purpose unexpected by venal courtiers and smug rulers. She embodied the resolution of life to make its own way against enemies (the Hebrew word in Genesis 1:26 means to slice off the head of, customarily euphemized to "rule over" or "master"): namely, pests and predators (Genesis: "beasts," "birds" and "fishes," meaning not animals per se but powers of anti-life, of non-being; cf. the Pauline reference to Greco-Roman belief in "principalities and powers" who control life to unhappy ends).

    Catherine the Great isn't mentioned, perhaps should be.

    Sarah's persona and effects recall those of Margaret, Isabella, Golda and, par excellence, Lakshmibai, as I see it. She personally takes to the field of battle, a characteristic of leadership by heroism. Her skill thereat is unsurpassed. And her cause is just. She prevails for that reason.

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