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    NPR, Please Meet The Fork Which Is About To Be Stuck Into You Because You Are Done

    NPR, Please Meet The Fork Which Is About To Be Stuck Into You Because You Are Done

    Can it get any worse for NPR?  H/t to my readers for alerting me to this video in the NPR Sting, Part 2, via The Daily Caller:

    New video released Thursday afternoon indicates National Public Radio intended to accept a $5 million donation from fictitious Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust – and that the publicly funded radio network might have helped MEAC make the donation anonymously to protect it from a federal government audit.

    When a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam asked, “It sounded like you were saying NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?” NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, Betsy Liley, responded, “I think that is the case, especially if you are anonymous. I can inquire about that.” According to conservative James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas organization conducted the NPR sting organization, the man posing as Kasaam made two follow-up phone calls to Liley after their lunch.

    Liley said a $5 million donation would amount to about “10 years of support.”

    Kasaam follows up by asking: “The fact that NPR is not only a tax-exempt organization, but also receives direct contributions from the government — does that invite some sort of government oversight or government examination of contributions, et cetera?”

    Liley answered: “They have audited our programs at times and, I think, as part of that, they can look at our audited financials. If you are concerned in any way about that, that’s one reason you might want to be an anonymous donor. And, we would certainly, if that was your interest, want to shield you from that.”

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    As previously noted here:

    NPR = "National Private Radio." (ht a commenter on YouTube)

    My guess is that the "administrative leave" (and "investigation") of Betsy Liley will last about as long as the "administrative leave"
    of Ron Schilling . . . i.e., just long enough for him to mutually agree with the Board that his resignation originally slated for May 6th should instead take place immediately.

    Besides, with her it doesn't appear they have the added complication of the timing associated with another job waiting in the wings.

    Tomorrow is Friday, so very late in the evening would put them into the Saturday news cycle — if they can last that long!

    They still haven't even begun to understand that this story really has legs, and that they are NOT going to get it behind them with these baby steps.

    Right now, I'd guess they've been lapped at least twice!

    The NPR news contributors have now weighed in with a letter voicing their "condemnation" of Ron Schiller's statements (no mention therein of either Betsy or Vivian).

    O'Keefe told Sean Hannity that he has video with PBS executives. He gave up the info after Hannity quoted a Mediaite report with statements from PBS.

    More damaging press for taxpayer funded media.

    Here is link to Mediaite story…

    Gosh … smoke … I think the NPR is a little burned.

    Who does NPR think they are?

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

    Remember how much attention the "mainstream" media gave that bogus story manufactured by Thunk Progress and its ilk?

    Will we see similar extensive "mainstream" media coverage on this story?

    I will now not hold my breath. Here goes …

    The poor souls at NPR might not be able to move into that brand spanking, multi-million dollar building they are currently constructing in downtown DC now. Boo-f******-hoo!

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