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    How Long Before John Kerry Is Against The Libyan War That He Was For?

    How Long Before John Kerry Is Against The Libyan War That He Was For?

    Watching the Sunday morning shows is interesting for the first time in years, if only to see John Kerry and others who have bashed Bush for years spin like out of control tops to justify intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds.

    No end game? No problem, now.

    No exit strategy? Already exited stage left.

    No congressional authoritzation? Congress who?

    Nuance, I guess.

    If it falls apart, will they forget that they were for the war before they were against it?  Like with Iraq?

    Will Barack Obama be accused of lying them into war?

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    Words are already being carefully parsed at the People's Ketchup factories in order to help us grasp the difference between stupid evil Nazi Bush and sainted lightbringer Obama. Once one digs thru all the obfuscation and evasion, the point will be he was against it when Bush did it but for it when Obama does it. It will take him and the other lefty mush mouths hours to say that without appearing to say it. Nuance.

    The worse part of this is that there is no narrative that puts us in Libya.

    As everyone can see, Qadaffi lost favor with the witch's coven of senior officials because, hmm, what? Maybe he needed to announce he was going to impose better fuel standards on his tanks, ya, that would have done it. Or solar panels. Whatever

    Obama is a leftist, but no fool, and knows what everyone else will realize just as soon as a plane goes down or one of our ships sunk. There is no reason to be there, that most of the new rats will look and act like the old rats, unless he can get one of the former colonial countries to reimpose a regime on Libya. Yep, that will work.

    Bush pinned the entire justification for the Iraq war on WMD and 9/11.

    He did nothing of the sort.

    There were numerous reasons listed for the invasion. WMD was just one on that long list.

    Had a similar comment over at The DiploMad 2.0 (

    1: – Agreed, to a point. Bush and the neocons were eager to get rid of someone that the world was pushing us to get rid of – i.e. to go in, get the job done, and LEAVE (someone goofed on that last part – I think it was the flypaper strategy and the democracy virus, which may yet work I suppose). But the entire WORLD, including the Clintons were for us going in and getting rid of that SOB.

    2: As Jim said, that is completely untrue.

    3: He was denied another specific, final UN approval but had 17 prior UN resolutions granting approval to do what was done. I agree with you that Obama's rash rush to war (one meeting, one day and bango!) with no Congressional oversight or approval in direct contradiction to his own quotes is gonna be the end of him. Finally. I hope.

    Can we impeach him now?


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