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    How Long Before John Kerry Is Against The Libyan War That He Was For?

    How Long Before John Kerry Is Against The Libyan War That He Was For?

    Watching the Sunday morning shows is interesting for the first time in years, if only to see John Kerry and others who have bashed Bush for years spin like out of control tops to justify intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds.

    No end game? No problem, now.

    No exit strategy? Already exited stage left.

    No congressional authoritzation? Congress who?

    Nuance, I guess.

    If it falls apart, will they forget that they were for the war before they were against it?  Like with Iraq?

    Will Barack Obama be accused of lying them into war?

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    John F. Kerry's personal website here –

    Iraq WMDs were the sixth of twelve reasons given to Congress by the Bush administration. Nor was 9/11 even on the list – the Bush administration repeatedly said Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11,

    Pres. O may have waited for the UN, or felt we did not [yet] have resources [carrier] in the area, or something else.

    Looks like the Arab League proposal for a no-fly zone just wanted pilots to be asked for their licenses and registrations – nothing must fall from the sky lest it fall on a civilian.

    Obama took action once Clinton had talked with the rebel leadership and confirmed that they WANT outside intervention (which they did not before).

    The vast differences between Iraq and Libya are obvious:

    1) Libya's democracy movement was initiated and fought for by Libyans who have united to resist without any outside 'help.'
    2) Iraq was not a UN effort and was justified by intelligence that was so flimsy the Bush administration was either incompetent or dishonest. Libya is all over CNN. We don't often see 10's of thousands of people holding hands and singing — irrespective of their sect.
    3) Libya is a humanitarian effort to avert genocide.
    4) The US is not taking the lead. The UN has made it clear they are willing to send ground troops, Obama has US troops will not be among them.
    5) There was going to be an intervention (by some of the European countries) regardless of the UN.
    6) Our standing in the world is best served by participating.

    "US Interests" have been too narrowly defined in this discussion. It is in our interest as a people and as a power to do the moral thing. Particularly when the dilemma is unfolding on CNN and the failure to act permit genocide. We will never win the hearts and minds of any people, if we don't show ourselves to uphold values the hearts of others understand.

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