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    E-mailers Strongly Support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

    E-mailers Strongly Support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

    The polls have tended to show that Democrats in Wisconsin are in a much stronger position than last fall as a result of the budget repair bill controversy.

    I’ve wondered whether voters minds really could have changed that quickly, and whether union intimidation tactics really have worked.  Has the majority really flipped to the side of big government public employee unions?

    While not a scientific measure, a sample analysis of approximately 50,000 e-mails sent to Gov. Scott Walker shows — contrary to the polls — strong support for the Governor’s position, as reported by JSOnline:

    Gov. Scott Walker was right when he said that emailers supported his stance on collective bargaining for public workers, a new analysis has found.

    The analysis of the emails released by Walker Friday was done by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

    Their computer-assisted study of the emails released through a court settlement found strong support among emailers for Walker’s budget repair proposal, which would repeal nearly all union bargaining for public workers. But the margin was closer when only emails from Wisconsin residents were considered, the analysis found.

    The report also noted that public opinion polls don’t mesh with readers’ stances.

    Of all e-mails, the split was 62-32 in support.  While JSOnline correctly characterized the support of Wisconsin e-mailers as “closer,” the support still was quite strongly in favor of the Governor:

    “When the Center looked only at emails from Wisconsin, the margin was much slimmer, with 55 percent favoring his bill and 42 percent opposed.”

    So whether you look nationally or only in Wisconsin, there is a very sizable majority in favor of the Governor.

    Does this mean that the polls may not truly reflect both the electorate and the motivation of the respective sides?

    We’ll find out as the recall efforts move forward.

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    Which union you in, "Milwaukeean"?

    Note that the in-state support for Walker is the same percentage he got in the election.

    These have to be push-polls, although Rasmussen is an outlier, and all my Wisconsin friends who aren't public school teachers are 100% behind Scott Walker. The Dems are trying to scare the skittish Lindsay Graham RINO type GOP into cowering and crying uncle.

    No, the Republicans allowed less than 17 hours for the official hearing on the bill, retire05, so nothing personal, but you're full of crap and have not watched the hearings (all archived on video) to see when Vos and Darling pulled the plug. The unofficial hearings account for the additional hours (adding up to more than 60). As for your next comment, I can tell that you're not in Wisconsin but relying on a certain ridiculous news channel for such skewed reporting. That would be the same channel that caused much hilarity here for inserting stock footage in its reports that showed palm trees at our state Capitol and police in shirtsleeves. So I can tell that you never have been in the Midwest at all in February!

    And I'm not in a union. But as a Milwaukeean, I'm in the county where Walker was our exec for seven years, his own county that voted against him two-to-one in the gubernatorial race. We know best the sort of messes he left behind with his headling rushes ahead of the law, with yet another recent ruling against his actions here that will cost us yet more millions. So much for Walker's support, dave in boca — it is tenuous now and unnecessarily so, polarizing a state where turnout could have told him that most Wisconsinites just wanted a mature leader to reduce economic uncertainties here rather than a drama queen.

    By the way, if any of you actually knew anything about Wisconsin politics, you would know that most of our recent governors, from both parties, attempted ends-around the law to raid funds, too, and also cost us millions when those cases came to court. There really ought be no reason for us to be "broke" (and we really are not, as Walker is not abiding by the legislated level to trigger a "crisis"). So I'm just a Wisconsinite weary of the hubris of politicians of all stripes. I just want them all to calm down and grow up. You, too.


    The person who defends a bunch of thugs and goons throwing a temper tantrum, and 14 senators running away from their jobs because they weren't getting their way … is suggesting the rest of us 'grow up.'

    Pssst. Beam in your eye. Might want to have that taken care of.

    Sure Milwaukeean. A $3.6B deficit for the biennium is rolling in dough. Right. Whatever. You must have gone to MPS with that kind of enconomic background.

    The one that raided funds was Doyle – and that was with raising taxes. Face it. After 8 years of Doyle and the last couple of those with a friendly legislature, the Democrats ran the state into the ground.

    Walker is just trying to dig out of the mess. But my hunch is that you won't give him a shot, but are one saying we should give Obama all sorts of more time.

    And I do know about WI politics. Lived there until 2 years ago and the entire family still does. And that 55% approval for Walker sounds about right. After the intimidation campaign, nobody is going to speak out loud. So they quietly send e-mails to tell the Governor to stay the course.

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