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    Anti-Libya War Bumper Stickers Spotted Already

    Anti-Libya War Bumper Stickers Spotted Already

    Spotted in French Lick, Indiana, by reader Robert, just days ago.  And they didn’t even wait for Obama’s speech tonight:

    Somehow, I have this sneaking suspicion they probably blame Bush:

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    This person doesn't really expect someone to be able to read all these, does s/he?

    Think of all the man-hours that would be saved if some enterprising car manufacturer came out with a model pre-painted with lefty slogans over its entirety.

    Heh heh … the word verification for this post is "reepo."

    I wonder if Obama = Hitler bumper stickers will be appearing soon.

    "The whole sticker reads "reciclables no basura" which Google translates…"
    Living in CA, every other garbage can is marked "basura" so that our many native Spanish speakers will know where to throw trash. I would guess the intent of the message is "Recycle, don't throw away"

    ….This person has no sense of irony, do they?
    The Fascism (Hello, green movement), Absurdities (the electricity in my wall is clean!), Technology going beyond humanity (seen what that car's battery did to China?) and the Atrocities part (green fascism, magical electric outlets, the effect on other nations of your 'green' technology, the view that those who disagree are evil or stupid) ….

    This is worse than getting cut off by someone with a "drive nice!" sticker.

    I do a lot of cycling. I also run a small embroidery shop so putting a slogan on a shirt is not a big deal. After I was passed by one of those rolling cliches (a Prius covered with lefty bumper stickers), I went home, grabbed a blank red jersey and on the back embroidered:

    "My bike is morally superior to your Prius"

    Ronnie Schreiber

    FWIW I get more thumbs up than scowls.

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