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    And In Other News, Eric Holder Is Suing The NBA To Lower Hoop Height

    And In Other News, Eric Holder Is Suing The NBA To Lower Hoop Height

    …. in order to achieve a racial and ethnic mix of players which looks more like America.

    Sorry, I meant, the City of Dayton, Ohio, to lower police test score thresholds, a move which even the local NAACP chapter opposes:

    The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.

    It’s a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam.

    Dayton is in desperate need of officers to replace dozens of retirees. The hiring process was postponed for months because the D.O.J. rejected the original scores provided by the Dayton Civil Service Board, which administers the test.

    Under the previous requirements, candidates had to get a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on part two.

    The D.O.J. approved new scoring policy only requires potential police officers to get a 58% and a 63%. That’s the equivalent of an ‘F’ and a ‘D’.

    “It becomes a safety issue for the people of our community,” said Dayton Fraternal Order of Police President, Randy Beane. “It becomes a safety issue to have an incompetent officer next to you in a life and death situation.”

    “The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed,” agreed Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward….

    “If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job,” Foward said.

    Update:  As pointed out by commenter/blogger A. Worthing, it is hard to see how this holds up in light of the New Haven fire fighters case.  But this administration does not seem swayed by precedent.

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    In other news the Obama Administration is demanding that the Educational Testing Service increase the scores of African American and Latinos by 25 percent.

    "But this administration does not seem swayed by precedent."

    Or the rule of law. Heh. It is always ALWAYS about race with this administration. Post-partisan, post-racial, my eye.

    We have a post re: the Dept. of INjustice and the FDNY–this stuff is spreading despite the New Haven case–at One of Nine.

    btw, if you are curious about what i wrote about the ricci case, here you go.

    language warning, though.

    It's time for the states to start telling the fed where to stick it.

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