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    Why Don’t We Just Stop Counting?

    Why Don’t We Just Stop Counting?

    The New York Times reports on the inconsistency of how various government agencies count the races:

    The federal Department of Education would categorize Michelle López-Mullins — a university student who is of Peruvian, Chinese, Irish, Shawnee and Cherokee descent — as “Hispanic.” But the National Center for Health Statistics, the government agency that tracks data on births and deaths, would pronounce her “Asian.” And what does Ms. López-Mullins’s birth certificate from the State of Maryland say? It doesn’t mention her race.

    Why don’t we just stop counting?  What purpose does it serve anymore, other than to perpetuate racial divides and entitlements based on criteria which no longer have meaning.

    My neighbors are a mixed race couple one of whom was born here and is white, while the other immigrated here from South America.  Both are physicians.  Their children bear the Anglo-father’s last name, they spoke only English at home, speak English without an accent, went to private schools and elite northeastern colleges.  Their skin color is no darker than most of their schoolmates, and they do not even “look Hispanic.”

    Yet one day when one of those kids was applying to college a post card mistakenly was put in our mailbox from the multicultural recruitment office of an Ivy League university inviting the neighbor’s kid to visit a campus multicultural event.  I assume the child had checked the Hispanic box on the application.  Why does that child get recruited while mine do not?

    My wife’s side of the family were the descendants of Jews who were expelled from Spain and fled to Turkey. all the while retaining the Spanish language over the centuries, with Spanish spoken at home in New York as recently as the mid-20th century.  Should my kids have checked the “Hispanic” box in order to gain favorable admission treatment?

    Our system of racial and ethnic categorization is outdated and now serves a negative purpose.  Get rid of it.

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    Amen! We should be "so past that" by now.

    "Our system of racial and ethnic categorization is outdated and now serves a negative purpose. Get rid of it."

    Sounds like something Dr. King might have said. In fact, sounds like a paraphrase of his "Dream" speech. I believe he would agree with you on this score. As do I.

    I always enter Native American when it asks for ethnicity. I was, after all, born in the USA which makes me a native American in terms of the Constitution.

    It drove my moonbat ex-wife nuts as well, a nice added benefit to irritating bureaucratic drones.

    Strong concur!

    Is the Spanish of Sephardic Jews called Ladino?

    One of my oldest and closest friends is Sephardi, both parents. Born and reared in Rhodesia and came, as a child, with parents to America. Claims to be an African American. And she's right, of course, with the prophetic bite of Sephardi ironic humor.

    She looks Iberian and is exactly that, plus African, plus American, etc. In other word, your point is well-met.

    To be hispanic you need to come from Latin America, persons form Spain and Portugal are not Hispanic, in law at least. Go figure.

    I've been known to enter 100 yard dash in the RACE box

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